Book Review: ‘The Invincible Heroes And Other Friendship Stories from Mythology’ by Sreelata Menon

In Friendship's Embrace: Tales of Invincible Heroes and Timeless Bonds


Book Title: The Invincible Heroes And Other Friendship Stories from Mythology
Author: Sreelata Menon
Publisher: Hachette India
Number of Pages: 240
ISBN: 978-9357312776
Date Published: Nov. 20, 2023
Price: INR 170

The Invincible Heroes And Other Friendship Stories from Mythology by Sreelata Menon

Book Review

There are proverbs galore that describe what friendship is and who real friends are. It’s a relationship that transcends barriers of caste, faith, color, and geographical boundaries. It’s a bond that we build by choosing who we want in our lives, and hence, it matters the most to us.

Mythology is filled with tales of incredible heroes, blessed with superhuman strength, cunning wit, and unyielding valor. Yet, even these invincible figures rarely faced their destinies alone. Often, it was the unwavering support and loyalty of close companions that allowed them to conquer seemingly impossible odds. “The Invincible Heroes and Other Friendship Stories from Mythology” by author Sreelata Menon contains tales of enduring friendships in world mythology.

Some of the stories from the mythology include Achilles and Patroclus, two Greek myths that demonstrate the strength of friendship and shared victories. Achilles, destined for greatness, found an equal in Patroclus, leading to their shared defeat. Gilgamesh and Enkidu, another myth, face challenges and death, highlighting the value of shared life. In the Mahabharata, Arjuna faces his kin with Krishna as his guide and conscience, showcasing the power of wisdom and friendship in overcoming moral dilemmas. The book also has some tales of friendship from “Panchatantra.” The Panchatantra, a collection of fables known for their wit and wisdom, offers several tales highlighting the importance of friendship.

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These stories from mythology exemplify the enduring friendships of invincible heroes, underscoring the universal need for companionship, shared wisdom, and loyalty even among the strongest individuals. Demonstrating the timeless value of friendship, they portray how true bonds can render us invincible, not just in our actions but also in spirit.

Within the Panchatantra, these tales spotlight the myriad facets of friendship, depicting how friends bolster each other in times of adversity, draw upon each other’s strengths, and inspire personal growth through mutual challenges. This timeless theme resonates with readers of all ages, offering profound insights into the essence of friendship and its role in shaping our lives.

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