The Jamun Tree and Other Stories by Richa Gupta


Book Title: The Jamun Tree and Other Stories

Author: Richa Gupta

Format: Kindle

Book Title
The title of the book ‘The Jamun Tree and Other Stories‘ is nostalgic and interesting

Book Cover
The book’s cover image is abstract art of a couple standing under a tree that can be assumed as the Jamun tree. The word Jamun tree brings many memories, and hence the title is nostalgic.

The Jamun Tree and Other Stories by Richa Gupta

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About the author:
Richa Gupta lives in New Delhi, India. After an academic and professional career, she has devoted herself to creative writing since 2017 and has published four books:
1) ‘Phoenix’ (under the pseudonym Arti Chugpai) in Sept. 2017
2) ‘Skeins’ in Sept 2018
3) ‘Slices of Life’ in June 2020
4) ‘The Jamun Tree and Other Stories -27 July 2021)

She has been a senior teacher of English in reputed schools for 19 years and an Instructional Designer for training and e-learning in the corporate sector for nine years.

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Inside the book
The book is a collection of 19 stories that depict many emotions and feelings, and all are based on pandemic times. There is love, and there is distress, there is hope, there is death, there is sadness, there is greed and whatnot. All the themes are very well and incorporated in the stories.

My review
Short stories are definitely a challenging format of story-telling because, within the restricted space and time, a lot has to be told without any hush! And having many stories woven under a similar or a particular theme is a herculean effort.

The simple yet engrossing language in the book stands as a highlight. Apart from this, the titles of the stories are attractive. Each story has its own fabric of emotion and depth.

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What to expect
The Jamun Tree is a perfect ala-carte of short stories that talk about life from various perspectives. It will surely appeal to readers who love realistic fiction. Since the book is set in the backdrop of present life and generation, it can essentially be called a socio-realistic drama. Expect a lot of relatable narration and some great perspectives coming straight from the future. There are some surprise elements in the short stories that are not easy to guess. Therefore, I recommend the readers to pick up this book and have a great experience.

How good is the author’s writing style
Richa uses a language that is easy and simple to understand. Thus, with readable font size and font, the book can be read by readers of any age from maybe 14. This is my third book of her, and I now realize I have a liking towards her writing, unknowingly. Her relationship with the characters, the titles, and the storyline is always fascinating.  It is as good as a reader walks hand-in-hand with the characters of each story.

Final Rating:

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