Book Review: The Kumbh Conspiracy by Shubira Prasad

High voltage story with a blend of emotions, war, and triumph!


Book Title: The Kumbh Conspiracy   
Author: Shubira Prasad         
Published By: Vitasta Publishing

Book Review
Indian mythological fiction is an important element of India’s cultural legacy, inspiring and educating people of all ages and backgrounds. These stories have also been transformed into various media types, including television episodes, movies, and comic books, making them more accessible to a larger audience. These adaptations have boosted the stories’ appeal and made them more relevant to present times. In recent years, Indian authors and storytellers have created beautiful stories that merge Indian epics, such as the Ramayana and Mahabharata, with current events and lifestyles. In any writer’s imagination, Lord Rama would undoubtedly be riding a Yamaha sports bike!

In this environment, Shubira Prasad has released the third novel in her trilogy. Before diving into the third book, The Kumbh Conspiracy, a brief look at the previous two books, The Demons of Jaitraya and The Angels of Kailash, will help readers grasp the universe that Author Shubira Prasad built.

The Kumbh Conspiracy by Shubira Prasad
The Kumbh Conspiracy by Shubira Prasad

The first novel, The Demons of Jaitraya, is set during the Ramayana period. Some demons are thought to have fled the war and are hiding in the earth’s depths. Lord Ram requested Hanuman to stay on earth, train soldiers, and raise an army to defeat the demons before the Kalyug ended. The novel then returns to the twentieth century to tell the story of Aishani and Adeesh.

They are thought to have been fighters throughout the Ramayana and in their prior lives. They undergo rigorous training, learn to utilize the astras, and much more. It is assumed that they were partners in their previous births and were born to kill the demons.

The Angels of Kailash, the second novel, takes readers on a journey where they see the battle between good and evil. Adheesh, Aishani, and Devnath are pupils in a “School of Warfare” destroyed by the asuras. The demons also murder their beloved Guruji, and Adheesh and Aishani, modern-day fighters with superpowers, watch their school be destroyed. They didn’t have time to grieve.

Adheesh and Aishani flee to Mount Kailash, where the Garuda Devta takes them two years back. Adheesh and Aishani were previously assigned to watch after a group of twenty Gurukul students. These people were undead, and they needed to be revived. At the same time, they must devise a strategy to revenge their Guruji’s death while also saving the planet.

Shubira Prasad’s third novel, The Kumbh Conspiracy, delves into the importance of family, human ties, and emotions. The plot revolves around the exquisite interplay between battle and family. In the Gurukul, Aishani informs Ruby about her pregnancy. Guruji, the families, and everyone else who finds out about Aishani’s pregnancy are happy. On a lovely day, Aishani gives birth to twins Divya and Darsh. Divya looks to be a responsible child, while Darsh is eccentric, which makes Aishani question whether he is a demon bloodline. On the other hand, the demons have expanded and mutated into all shapes and sizes. The narrative is about how Adheesh and Aishani, with their twins, confront demons as a family despite all circumstances.

A must-read book and trilogy for everyone who likes modern mythology fiction!

– Swapna Peri

The Kumbh Conspiracy is an entertaining book, from the premise to the characters to the narration. There are intriguing moments that become treatises for readers who are always on the lookout for a distinctive writing style. One sequence in the opening chapter, as Aishani peeks into their bedroom and watches Adheesh sleep and then her thoughts, is so well described. ‘Adheesh was stirring in his sleep. A wave of sheer tenderness enveloped her. He was her husband, her lover, her guide, her protector, and maybe something else too. She blushed.’ These lines convey Aishani’s overwhelming femininity and a hint of her motherliness. The book is divided into 18 chapters that will fascinate readers with their storytelling. The detailed descriptions guarantee that everything is described thoroughly so the readers can grasp it.

The references to today’s world, routines, and events, combined with ancient knowledge in each chapter and the twists and turns, help to keep the readers captivated. Similarly, in every chapter, specific features can spice the reading experience and will undoubtedly make the book a page-turner. The story moves quickly, and the precise language is clear, which keeps the reader interested. The titles of the chapters are very appealing. The characters are realistic, enjoyable, and endearing.

There’s suspense, romance, lots of action, a shard of rage, some sadness, and irreversible loss. These, coupled with a rich imagination and an intense interchange of conversation and repartee, are some of the elements that contribute to successful storytelling. And this is clear throughout Author Shubira Prasad’s novels. The cover page is nicely created, and the font style and size of the book are very comfortable. A must-read book and trilogy for everyone who likes modern mythology fiction!

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