Book Review: The Last War by Pravin Sawhney

The reality that the country must address!


Book Title: The Last War: How AI Will Shape India’s Final Showdown with China    

Author:  Pravin Sawhney

Format: Kindle  

Published By: Aleph Book Company

No. of pages: 424           

Genre: Non-fiction

Book Review

Author Pravin Sawhney is a person who brings forward the futuristic problems that might disintegrate India’s defense harmony. He also has a good knowledge of military technology, conventional or emerging. Pravin compared India to China in this book for military technologies, research, and development.

The Last War by Pravin Sawhney

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In every place possible, he makes perfect predictions about the Indian military. Pravin and his books are not so welcomed because of the brutal truths he sometimes talks about. He explains how China might have supremacy over India and their superior challenges in military aspects. The author also believes that the ongoing border dispute might lead to a war that might cost heavily to the Indian continent. 

The book, The Last War by Pravin Sawhney is divided into four parts, and each part has chapters in it. Author Pravin skilfully describes how the long-standing animosity between India and China has forced the country to be constantly aware of the advancements in warfare to avoid being blindsided.

With understandable language, facts, and realities, this book offers the readers an account of the importance of the implementation of AI in Indian warfare.

Though the book looks at criticizing the present central government, the leaders, and the military policies, the book is not biased but an honest attempt.

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