Book Review: ‘The Launch Party’ by Lauren Forry

A Claustrophobic Lunar Thriller That Keeps You on Edge


Book Title: The Launch Party
Author: Lauren Forry
Publisher: Zaffre
Number of Pages: 400
ISBN: 978-1838777517
Date Published: Jul. 05, 2023
Price: INR 311

The Launch Party by Lauren Forry Book Cover

Book Review

Imagine winning a coveted spot at the grand opening of the century—the launch of the Hotel Artemis, the moon’s first-ever hotel. It’s an invitation to die for, and as you board the transport back to Earth, you seal the doors behind you, ready for your next great leap for humanity. The champagne flows, but there’s no one to pour it. Room service beckons, but no one delivers. You soon realize that you and your fellow guests are utterly alone. As fear begins to course through the group, a shocking discovery shakes you: one of the guests has been murdered. But this is just the beginning. Stranded on a three-day journey from home with no way to contact the outside world, will any of you survive your stay?

The Launch Party” delivers a gripping and claustrophobic reading experience with its readers on edge from start to finish. The tension is palpable, and the tightly woven plot keeps the readers hooked from beginning to end. This book pays homage to Agatha Christie, elevating the traditional locked room mystery to a new level by placing it on the moon. The sheer impossibility of escape in the vastness of space with strangers is a terrifying thought that lingers long after the book is finished.

Author Lauren Forry’s writing creates a vivid and suffocating picture of the lunar hotel, immersing the readers in the chilling atmosphere. The readers will find themselves casting nervous glances at their surroundings as they read, absorbing the isolation and fear that the characters experience. Although the readers don’t get to know the characters intimately, this deliberate lack of character development adds to the reader’s sense of isolation and distrust. The protagonist, Penelope, while somewhat irksome and burdened with seemingly irrelevant phobias, still serves as a practical guide through the eerie lunar landscape.

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The book’s conclusion and epilogue may leave some readers wanting, failing to tie up loose ends as neatly as they might hope. Nevertheless, “The Launch Party” remains an excellent murder mystery with a fresh and gripping twist. It’s a thrilling read perfect for anyone seeking a suspenseful and unconventional story, making it an excellent choice for your next reading adventure.

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