The Legend of Laxmi Prasad by Twinkle Khanna

Book: The Legend of Laxmi Prasad

Publisher: Juggernaut

About The AuthorTwinkle Khanna is an acclaimed columnist and the bestselling author of MrsFunnybones. She lives in Mumbai.

About The Book: A gangly young girl transforms her village with a revolutionary idea. Sixty-eight-year-old Noni Appa finds herself drawn to a married man – ‘Why do people have to define relationships, underline each word till the paper gives way beneath,’ she wonders. Bablu Tripathi becomes obsessed with sanitary napkins much to his family’s horror, and a young woman keeps checking the weather forecast as she meticulously plans each of her five weddings. Funny, observant and wise, this is storytelling at its most irresistible.

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Review: The Title of the book was so funny that it urged me to buy the book and of course, I am a huge fan of Twinkle Khanna’s writing. She had a great sense of storytelling that makes the story magical and as a reader, you are totally enchanted.

This book contains 4 short stories and each story is different from one another. They are fiction but as a reader, you feel like part of the story and it appeared to be realistic. The writing style is simple and easy to read. Each story will teach u a lesson.

These stories are based in different districts and after reading this your perspective towards social change. The stories had touched the different struggles of women in society which will make you speechless after reading the book.

It is a light read and one will not get bored with reading a Twinkle Khanna book.  It had all the aspect that makes a book an interesting read. I liked the First story that talks about Girl’s child in society.

How this society welcomes a girl child. How beautifully author had portrayed the problems and solutions in a simple way that will make you smile after reading the story. Overall, I enjoyed reading the book and would recommend everyone, If they are looking for an interesting read.

Verdict: ☆☆☆☆ A crisp and flawless narration with some deep concerning situations that will make you urge to read the whole book. I really appreciate the writing style of Twinkle Khanna

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