Book Review: ‘The Miracle Makers’ by Bharat Sundaresan

A picture-perfect tour book of India – Australia 2020-21 Test series.


Book Title: The Miracle Makers: Indian Cricket’s Greatest Epic
Author: Bharat Sundaresan with Gaurav Joshi
Publisher: Penguin India

Book Review
The 2020-21 Test series in Australia was a much-anticipated cricket tournament consisting of four matches under rigorous COVID-19 standards. The series began with a win for Australia in Adelaide, followed by a resounding victory for India in Melbourne, a stalemate in Sydney due to inclement weather, and an unlikely win for India at the Gabba in Brisbane, resulting in a 2-1 series triumph for India.

This historic triumph will be a monument to the Indian cricket team’s brilliance, tenacity, and dedication in overcoming several hurdles to claim their position in cricket history.

The fact that the series occurred during the pandemic gives the book a distinct edge. The nature of the team’s hard bubbles, the numerous restrictions and discomforts they had to deal with, the complexities of training and net practice, and the complex logistical decisions made by the team – and, indeed, the authors – to travel from the city to city and hotel to stadium are all fascinating.

The Miracle Makers by Bharat Sundaresan Book Cover
The Miracle Makers by Bharat Sundaresan Book Cover

As a cricket journalist covering Australia’s 2020-21 Test series, Bharat Sundaresan was crucial. He gave in-depth coverage of the matches and analyzed both teams’ performances. Sundaresan’s essays and reports were extensively read and praised by cricket fans and experts alike, and he was frequently mentioned for his thoughts on the series in numerous media outlets.

In addition, he conducted interviews with various players and coaches, giving readers an inside peek into both teams’ preparations and strategies. Overall, Sundaresan’s participation provided cricket fans worldwide with a complete picture of the Test series.

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The Miracle Makers: Indian Cricket’s Greatest Epic” carries us back to those beautiful months of cricket, from the desperate, horrible, illogical low of Adelaide to the dizzying, pulsating, almost as illogical high of Brisbane.

Bharat Sundaresan and Gaurav Joshi get unparalleled access to the players, locker room, coaches, and support staff. The activity behind the scenes, which we were not privy to as spectators, is almost as captivating as what transpired on the pitch.

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