The Night of Fear


Book Title: The Night of Fear

Author: Abha Sharma

Format: Kindle

About the Author:
Abha Sharma is a life coach, a freelance writer, and a personality development trainer. She has worked extensively with international industry leaders on online education. A qualified university-level educator,  trained in life sciences, English literature, journalism, and creative writing, has a deep interest in the mysteries of existence. She loves to be a student all the time. As a life coach and a writer, she is here with us to make a difference

About the Book:
The book – “The Night of Fear” by Abha Sharma is a 144-pages book. The cover image and the title reflect the horror and the thriller element. But as the story progresses, the readers taste many interesting aspects.

The story starts with the central character Pritha searching for Babulal. In searching for Babulal, which everyone resists disclosing, she accidentally meets his wife. She initially refuses Pritha to even enter into their shack-like house, but she allows her inside after a while. There she meets his wife.


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His wife shares a sad story. The story then has another important aspect, the temple. The local Godman, Mahaguru who influences everyone with his proclaimed intelligence in the village. This Mahaguru warns people about the dark and evil forces. This forces Pritha to delve into reality. Thus, the fight against the deep-rooted superstitions becomes the crux of the story.

My Thoughts:
Some books grow on us as time passes. Some books make sense after a long time. Some books also take time to complete. This is a rare phenomenon when some books make our intelligence and logic prick. This book The Night of Fear by Abha Sharma gave such a feeling.

The Night of Fear is the story of a teenager living in a small town in the Himalayan Hills. If religious practices overpower common sense, a person emerges irrespective of gender and age as the savior. In this story, Mahaguru is the local legend whose story and prophecies revolve around the temple on the hilltop.

One such prophecy says that one day Maharaj had a dream that the temple is a pure spot and no one should enter the temple after dark or trouble may haunt the sinner and the people of the town. After some deaths, this said prophecy is believed, and the dead people are named sinners.

As this goes on, the central character Pritha one day sees something in the temple that she is not supposed to.  Her frustration and suffocation living with the truth and being unable to vent out are excruciating. Pritha’s travel until she talks about the is the story.

Author Abha Sharma has touched on many aspects such as gender, religion, superstitions, traditions, and taboos in the book. One of the best things is the way the Author picked the titles of the chapters. With the names Trouble, Danger, Fear, Disgust, Woman, Lonely, Love? Hope etc.; the chapters endearingly talk about life. Another element that I found attractive is that some paragraphs are italicized.

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These paragraphs are worth reading twice. Somewhere as the story goes forwards, the journey of a girl in every stage of life is described well. The sensitive issues like a Muslim policeman talking about the temple and the repercussions and fear are showcased coherently.

But, on a closing note, there are some places where the story could have been more realistic, but the other features negate this. Few loose ends leave the story incomplete. But again, the 144-page story that has good writing overpowers these minor issues. Overall, if the story has not dealt with multiple themes, it would have been a great read.


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