Book Review: ‘The No-Waste Kitchen Cookbook’ by Arina Suchde

Transform scraps into feasts, one recipe at a time

Book Title: The No-Waste Kitchen Cookbook: 75 Recipes to Begin Your Zero-Waste Journey
Author: Arina Suchde
Publisher: HarperCollins India
Number of Pages: 200
ISBN: 978-9356994744
Date Published: Oct. 19, 2023
Price: INR 194

The No-Waste Kitchen Cookbook by Arina Suchde Book Cover

Book Review

The No-Waste Kitchen Cookbook: 75 Recipes to Begin Your Zero-Waste Journey” by Arina Suchde is a culinary revelation, offering 75 innovative recipes that transform kitchen scraps into delectable dishes and cocktails. Suchde, a passionate advocate against food waste, sheds light on the hidden potential of discarded ingredients, such as pea pods, carrot peels, and orange peels. From hearty soups to crispy fritters, each recipe is designed to tantalize taste buds while promoting sustainable living.

This cookbook not only contains delicious recipes but also helpful information on cooking with fruit and vegetable scraps, revitalizing wilting greens, and creatively repurposing leftovers. Suchde’s practical advice for mindful purchasing, decreasing kitchen waste, and meal planning round out this book as a thorough introduction to sustainable cooking. Readers are urged to start on a zero-waste path, benefiting both their eating habits and the environment.

In a world where food waste is a pressing issue, “The No-Waste Kitchen Cookbook: 75 Recipes to Begin Your Zero-Waste Journey” addresses the need for mindful consumption. Suchde’s book comes at a crucial time, aligning with the growing trend of eco-friendly kitchens, especially post-pandemic in India. With its focus on vegetarian recipes and practical solutions for both home and commercial kitchens, this book offers adaptable techniques for reducing food waste in any setting.

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As a mixologist, Suchde doesn’t neglect the bar, offering inventive zero-waste cocktail recipes in the “Boozy Bonus” section. From banana peel syrup-infused Old Fashioneds to a corn margarita made with discarded corn silk, these cocktails showcase the potential of kitchen scraps beyond the culinary realm. Additionally, the book provides practical information on starting composting units, extending its impact beyond the kitchen and into gardens and communities.

While the book’s black-and-white sketch images may lack the visual appeal of vivid pictures, the recipes themselves stand out, pushing readers to reconsider rejected items. A discussion on non-vegetarian waste and associated issues would have been beneficial as well. “The No-Waste Kitchen Cookbook: 75 Recipes to Begin Your Zero-Waste Journey” is more than simply a compilation of recipes; it’s a manifesto for sustainable living, encouraging readers to embrace creativity, eliminate waste, and appreciate every dish with attentive appreciation.

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