Book Review: ‘The Only Constant’ by Najwa Zebian

A must read if you want to change your life!

Book Title: The Only Constant: A Guide to Embracing Change and Leading an Authentic Life
Author: Najwa Zebian
Publisher: Yellow Kite
Number of Pages: 272
ISBN: 978-1399720625
Date Published: Apr. 16, 2024
Price: INR 389

The Only Constant by Najwa Zebian Book Cover

Book Review

The Only Constant: A Guide to Embracing Change and Leading an Authentic Life” by Najwa Zebian is a moving and incisive examination of the transformational effect of accepting change and living an authentic life. The book is about her path from feeling ostracized to being a well-known writer, lecturer, and champion for honesty. Zebian’s experiences with displacement, prejudice, abuse, and self-acceptance strike a deep chord with readers, revealing transformation and perseverance. Her writing stresses the value of self-awareness, self-compassion, and bravery in confronting anxieties and limits, inspiring readers to accept change and lead genuinely.

The main takeaway from the book is that, despite how scary change might be at times, it’s the one thing that’s constant in life. By learning to embrace it, we can realize our full potential and lead more fulfilling lives. She helps readers face their anxieties, let go of limiting ideas, and develop the confidence to venture into the unknown through a series of introspective essays and useful activities.

One of the book’s most notable features is Zebian’s ability to weave together personal experiences, incisive insights, and research-backed tactics to produce a comprehensive and relevant guide to personal development. Her writing is both beautiful and pragmatic, providing readers with a unique combination of emotional resonance and practical counsel.

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Particularly compelling is Zebian’s exploration of the concept of “authentic living,” which she defines as the process of aligning our thoughts, actions, and values to create a life that is true to ourselves. She delves into the importance of self-awareness, boundary-setting, and the cultivation of self-compassion, providing readers with a roadmap for navigating the often-challenging journey of self-discovery.

Najwa Zebian’s voice, which is sympathetic and powerful throughout the book, gives readers a sense of support and companionship as they go through the highs and lows of their own personal changes. Her writing prowess and in-depth knowledge of the human condition are demonstrated by her ability to capture the universal human experiences of development, grief, and resilience.

For anybody looking to accept change, develop authenticity, and lead a more meaningful and purposeful life, “The Only Constant” is a must-read. For readers of all ages and backgrounds, Zebian’s advice and observations are both timeless and relevant, making this book an invaluable resource.

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