Book Review: ‘The People on Platform 5’ by Clare Pooley

Sweet, warming, and heartful story!


Book Title: The People on Platform 5
Author: Clare Pooley
Publisher: Bantam Press UK
Number of Pages: 400
ISBN: 978-1787631816
Date Published: Jun. 09, 2022
Price: INR 421

The People on Platform 5 by Clare Pooley Book Cover

Book Review

How many of us take the initiative and speak to strangers who travel with us daily on the same bus or train?
How many of us outrightly feel deeply connected with fellow humans?
How communicative are we with people around us?
Author Clare Pooley explores these questions in a story format in this book.

The People on Platform 5,” by Clare Pooley, is a charming and ultimately inspiring tale written with love and honesty. Set against the backdrop of daily journeys to London, this novel takes readers on a delightful journey exploring the power of human connection.

The novel begins with a bang, but in an exquisite way, with interesting characters and unwritten rules. Iona Iverson, a magazine advice columnist, often thinks about the individuals she encounters daily with her devoted terrier Lulu. On the other hand, Iona follows the unspoken rule of commuting: any engagement beyond a common eye-roll is forbidden. That is until a fellow traveler chokes on a grape and is rescued by another passenger. This coincidental circumstance brings Iona into contact with Piers, Emmie, Sanjay, David, and Martha, converting her from an eccentric stranger to a valued part of their burgeoning friendship group.

The plot dives deeply into subjects such as human connection and community. Because people want relationships, literature, films, and other social activities have received much attention since the 2019 Pandemic. Thus, “The People on Platform 5” digs brilliantly into the value of connection and community. Six strangers brought together exclusively by their same railway carriage develop an unexpected and desirable bond. They give emotional and practical assistance to one another via their link, demonstrating the fundamental effect of human relationships on our lives. While Iona is the main character, Pooley skillfully develops the other characters, making their interactions enjoyable as the tale progresses.

A strong and genuine story has many strengths, but its heart is in the characters and their settings. Similarly, one of the novel’s strengths is the characters’ diverse origins and personal histories, allowing the author to tackle various contemporary topics. Pooley bravely confronts ageism, unemployment, loss, stress, marital abuse, and bullying. She broadens the book’s appeal since readers will discover pieces related to their experiences. This investigation of vital subjects gives the story depth and authenticity, making it a thought-provoking and relevant read.

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The novel has drama, passion, and a lot of humor. The ideal combination of laughter and poignant moments in “The People on Platform 5” captivates readers. Pooley’s writing style seamlessly mixes wit and warmth, ensuring that the narrative is entertaining from start to finish. The story is a moving reminder of the importance of reaching out to strangers and forming new acquaintances. Iona and her new friends remind readers of the joys and benefits that await us when we seize the opportunity to connect with others.

The physical elements of the book, such as the colorful cover page, highly comfortable font size, train route, and lightweight paperback form, all added to the book’s appeal. Picking this up on my everyday commute to work and reading it inside the metro train is a beautiful experience.

Finally, Clare Pooley’s book “The People on Platform 5” is an entertaining and inspiring novel celebrating human connection’s power. The novel reminds us of the significant influence that reaching out to strangers may have on our lives through well-developed characters and a deftly structured storyline. This book is interesting for anybody looking for a friendship, community, and personal growth story, with realistic themes, comedy, and uplifting moments.