Book Review: ‘The Politician Redux’ by Devesh Verma

Power, Ambition, and the Quest for Respect: A Journey Through India's Political Turmoil

Book Title: The Politician Redux: Odyssey of Chance
Author: Devesh Verma
Publisher: Penguin
Number of Pages: 360
ISBN: 978-0143463658
Date Published: Apr. 30, 2024
Price: INR 343

The Politician Redux by Devesh Verma Book Cover

Book Review

What if you come to know a piece of information that has some linkage with Indian independence time and is buried as a secret?

What if you get involved in a secret mission unknowingly for a greater good that has historical importance?

Unearth such thrilling moments in Author Devesh Verma’s latest historical–political thriller – “The Politician Redux: Odyssey of Chance“.

The Politician Redux: Odyssey of Chance” by Devesh Verma is a gripping sequel to his highly regarded book “The Politician.” Within the turbulent context of North India throughout the 1970s and 1980s, this book explores the profound political changes and social shifts that occurred during that time. Verma gives readers a realistic picture of a period characterized by profound political and social upheaval by deftly capturing the essence of a country in transition.

Ram Mohan, the protagonist of the book, is an aspirational individual who won’t allow his low beginnings to determine his fate. Ram Mohan learns via navigating the complicated political terrain of post-independence India that exercising power is essential to leading a decent life. The JP movement’s opposition to the Congress rule, which paved the way for Indira Gandhi’s eventual collapse, interrupted his travels. The central theme of Ram Mohan’s narrative is his battle for respectability and authority, which makes him a relatable figure for a wide range of readers.

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The Politician Redux: Odyssey of Chance” by Verma explores self-identity and political turmoil, focusing on the ascent of a charismatic leader and the struggles of average men. The novel’s depth and realism are enhanced by the intricate weaving of India’s socio-political framework, particularly the caste system. Verma’s expertise in TV news and his Sahitya Akademi Award-winning writing provide a unique perspective, combining real-world events with imaginative fiction.

All things considered, readers who enjoy historical literature and political dramas should not miss “The Politician Redux: Odyssey of Chance“. It gives a detailed insight into the political dynamics of the era as well as a window into a crucial moment in Indian history. Readers will be left with a lasting impression of this book long after they have closed the cover thanks to Verma’s skillful handling of the subject matter and his intriguing characters.

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