Book Review: ‘The Power of Humility’ by PV Ramana Murthy

An account of qualities a person shall imbibe to change the leadership paradigm!


The Power of Humility by PV Ramana Murthy Book Cover
The Power of Humility by PV Ramana Murthy Book Cover

Book Title: The Power of Humility: How Humble High Achievers Are Rewriting the Rules of Leadership
Author: PV Ramana Murthy
Publisher: HarperBusiness
Number of Pages: 276
ISBN: 978-9356295551
Date Published: Feb. 7. 2023
Price: INR 439

Book Review

Compassion, empathy, and care for others are typically associated with humility. A humble person is frequently ready to help others and is unconcerned with self-gain or reputation. Self-reflection, self-awareness, and an openness to learning from others can also help to build humility. It is seen as a desirable characteristic in many cultures and is commonly valued by leaders and prominent figures.

The phrase “the power of humility” refers to the beneficial effects of humility on individuals and society. If modest leaders are willing to listen and demonstrate the power of humility, they are more likely to establish trust and respect within the team. Humble people are more likely to learn and are willing to accept feedback. The ability to speak and listen freely promotes social well-being.

“The Power of Humility” by PV Ramana Murthy (PV), a Mumbai-based adviser and consultant to CEOs, boards, and corporations, is an excellent book published by Harper Collins that focuses on the significant impact of humility on organizations, particularly in terms of leadership and organizational culture. When humble leaders exhibit attributes such as enhanced leadership, promoting creativity, enhancing communication, developing more robust connections, and improving decision-making. And the book does a great job of explaining this using facts, numbers, and case studies.

This book says, “Humility, without a doubt, leads to success.” This book instills a feeling of responsibility and a culture of excellent leadership, and it is highly recommended for young leaders and entrepreneurs. Our country’s start-up culture is rapidly growing, but employment hopping between organizations is also accelerating. The relationship between leaders and their followers is missing at some point. Such brief works by experienced individuals, leaders, and mentors may fill the void.

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This book also allows leaders to recognize and validate whether they are operating humbly. The book describes specified procedures that help organizational-level persons flex the muscle of humility. Some influential leaders and executives have welcomed and praised author PV Ramana Murthy’s writing skills.

This book, “The Power of Humility: How Humble High Achievers Are Rewriting the Rules of Leadership” by PV Ramana Murthy, is a must-read for everyone’s personal library, office book collection, and emerging leaders! This book is also an excellent present for any reader who likes business novels.