Book Review: ‘The Puppeteer’ by Ajit Menon and Anil Verma

A gripping tale of covert operations and political intrigue.

Book Title: The Puppeteer (The Panther’s Ghosts Series)
Author: Ajit Menon and Anil Verma
Publisher: Westland Publications Limited
Number of Pages: 312
ISBN: 978-9395767996
Date Published: Jan. 1, 2024
Price: INR 295

The Puppeteer by Ajit Menon and Anil Verma Book Cover

Book Review

Ajit Menon and Anil Verma’s “The Puppeteer” is a fascinating continuation of The Panther Ghosts series that raises the bar for espionage thrillers in fiction. From the start, this intriguing novel promises an exciting journey into the covert world of espionage, political maneuvering, and high-stakes drama that will keep readers riveted until the finish.

The writers expertly introduce readers to a cast of intriguing individuals, each of whom is cleverly woven into the fabric of the story. From the enigmatic Raj Pratap Rana to the strategic minds of Shiv Kumar Raju and Geeta Rathode, each character lends depth and realism to the story, keeping readers interested and invested in their outcomes.

The Puppeteer” is an exciting novel set under India’s Defensive Offence doctrine, highlighting the complexity of international politics and the delicate balance between national security and global affairs. The narrative begins with the Sandesar brothers fleeing Albania after stealing money, which drew attention from China, the United States, and India. The story develops as Albania’s leader collaborates with China’s top man to win an election while covertly planning a worldwide conspiracy, putting India’s safety at risk. Prime Minister Damodar Das and his special spy squad are at the forefront of India’s defense.

The authors’ superb narrative and attention to detail produce a cinematic experience that immerses viewers in the action. From thrilling espionage operations to surprising partnerships, “The Puppeteer” is a must-read for enthusiasts of the spy genre.

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With its well-developed characters, complicated narrative, and evocative writing style, “The Puppeteer” demonstrates Ajit Menon and Anil Verma’s brilliance and inventiveness. This novel, the second in The Panther Ghosts series, lays the setting for an epic narrative of espionage and intrigue that will have readers anxiously anticipating the next chapter in this spectacular adventure.

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