The Secret Life of Organizations


Book Title: The Secret Life of Organizations

Author: Shalini Lal & Pradnya Parasher

Format: Paperback

Book Title:

The title of the book ‘The Secret Life of Organizations‘ is unique and intriguing.

Book Cover:

The cover image of the book is an abstract image of a secret folder with a lock. This complements the title.

Inside the book:

This book The Secret Life of Organizations acts as a guide to the young people who move from the student phase to the young adult phase towards the working adult lifestyle.


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What I like:

1. The unique concept of dealing and understanding how different phases of life work.

2. The transition issues faces by an individual in each stage of adulthood are explained very well.

3. The paradigm changes in working culture when the organisation in which an individual works changes are illustrated very well.

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What I didn’t like:

There are no flaws as such but at times the book lags in narration.


An interesting narration is observed in the book.

Language & Grammar:

A very fine language with good grammar is observed in the book.

My Verdict:

An interesting book with an indifferent concept.


Book Title: 3/5

Book Cover: 3/5

Inside the book: 3/5

Narration: 3/5

Language & Grammar: 3/5

Final Rating: 3/5

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