Book Review The Soul Catcher by Monica Bhide

Book Title: The Soul Catcher

Author: Monica Bhide

Format: Kindle

Published By: Bodes Well Publishing

ASIN & Edition:  B0976BVD71 & 1st

Genre: Fiction (Supernatural)

No.of pages: 146

Rating: 3/5

About the Book:

The Soul Catcher by Monica Bhide Book Cover
The Soul Catcher by Monica Bhide Book Cover

The Soul Catcher this book is a carefully woven garland of small stories in a big story. Each story has a narrative about life, destiny, grief, loss, faith, love, and compassion. The story is a supernatural thriller; there is tragedy and fate involved. This is a novel about life and death, hope, loss, discouragement, love, and fear in the modern world.

About the Author:

Monica Bhide, an award-winning author, accomplished literary coach, and educator with over 15 years of experience transcends countless borders—chronological, geographical, religious, and economic—to inspire her readers. Born in New Delhi, raised in the Middle East, and now residing outside Washington, D.C., she currently serves as a corporate storyteller for one of the world’s leading professional services companies.

Her prolific portfolio, enriched by the many places she has called home, channels a distinctly cosmopolitan worldview. Monica has authored eleven books with prestigious publishers, including Simon & Schuster, Random House India, and Adams Media.

What to Expect:

  • Expect a story that talks about expecting the unexpected.
  • Expect a story that explains the power of love, longing, and fate.
  • Expect a story that has an exciting narrative of soul travel.
  • Expect a story that showcases the dark side of the lives mingled with relationships.

Who Can Read:

The book is written in a simple language and can easily be picked up by a beginner-level reader. Readers who are well-versed with supernatural or paranormal thriller fiction stories will find this book interesting. But, due to the supernatural concepts there, reader discretion might do good.

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My Thoughts:

Over the years, though not a fan of supernatural fiction-based books, I have had a chance to read some of these thrillers. In 2022, this happens to be the second book. Also, this is my first book from the author Monica Bhide, and with this experience, I wish to pick up her other books. What I liked in this book were the narration and the storyline.

How is the Narration:

A very engaging and exciting narration is found in the book. The drama, adventure, and emotions are rightly described.

About the Characters:

Yamini is a soul catcher, and she has the power to transport a soul from one body to another. Her character and her deeds are described interestingly. The way she handles every case in transporting her soul from one body to another and the amount of pain, stress, and emotions she undergoes are well explained. Likewise, the other main characters are well crafted.

Writing Style:

The author’s writing style is striking and vivid. Her words and sentences, including her imagination, give the story a great high. Attractive writing and descriptions, whether it is of characters or places, or things or scenes, help the reader imagine the story wonderfully. The book has 13 chapters, and every chapter is a page-turner for sure.

Grammar & Vocabulary:

A fine language with nice vocabulary is found in the book. The language is quite accessible, and a beginner reader can also pick up the book.

What did I Like:

1. The Narration.

2. The emotional quotient.

3. The journey of the soul(s).

What Could Have Been Better:

I found no drawbacks; if there were more chapters, maybe the reader in me would have been happier!

Entertainment Quotient:

The book is full of drama and activity that will intrigue the reader’s mind and thus make a definite entertainer.

Pick it if:

  • You like supernatural thrillers.
  • You want to read exciting and, at the same time, engaging stories.

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