Book Review: ‘The Thief’s Funeral’ by Sucharita Sengupta, Chandra Chari, and Uma Iyengar

Book Title: The Thief’s Funeral: The Book Review Anthology of Short Fiction
Author(s): Sucharita Sengupta, Chandra Chari, and Uma Iyengar
Publisher: Aleph Book Company
Number of Pages: 200
ISBN: 978-8119635986
Date Published: Mar. 5, 2024
Price: INR 319

The Thief’s Funeral by Sucharita Sengupta, Chandra Chari, and Uma Iyengar

Book Review

The Thief’s Funeral: The Book Review Anthology of Short Fiction” is a breath of fresh air in the book’s readers’ reading list, providing readers with a mosaic of varied voices that breathe life into the pages. This is very unlikely! And, unlike usual anthologies, this book takes a unique approach, adopting an eclectic style that allows each piece to shine brilliantly. This break from the standard captivates readers while also emphasizing the significance of accepting fresh ideas in writing.

What sets this anthology apart is its commitment to displaying the diverse range of modern narratives. This makes the readers feel comfortable because of the element of relatability. With each page flip, readers are welcomed with a strong feeling of energy as stories of grief, redemption, and whimsy unfold in a variety of voices. From the sorrowful to the amusing, each story has its own distinct perspective, providing something for every reader while underscoring the narrative’s eternal ability to shed light on the human experience. The myriad of emotions is wonderful.

Furthermore, “The Thief’s Funeral” shines in linguistic proficiency and narrative flow, with each chapter demonstrating the writers’ skill and passion. Whether via poetic writing or harsh realism, the anthology captures the essence of civilization, acting as a mirror to our common psyche. In doing so, it confirms literature’s importance as a potent vehicle for thought and insight. In the anthology, my preferred tale is “The Patient” by Sourabh Mukherjee. The narrative maintains its ominous atmosphere throughout, and the conclusion leaves readers with a perplexing blend of a chilling smile and fear.

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A book’s primary purpose is to communicate ideas, emotions, or information to the reader, influenced by genre and target audience. It can be entertaining, educational, inspiring, or challenging, aiming to leave a lasting impact. Similarly, “The Thief’s Funeral” is a powerful testament to the boundless ingenuity and imagination of developing literary talents. This collection aims to create a lasting effect on its readers, motivating them to embrace literature’s transforming power in their lives.

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