Book Review: ‘The Thursday Murder Club’ by Richard Osman

Book Title: The Thursday Murder Club
Author: Richard Osman
Publisher: Penguin
Number of Pages: 382
ISBN: 978-0241988268
Date Published: Sept. 03, 2020
Price: INR 335

The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman Book Cover

Book Review

Prepare to be captivated by “The Thursday Murder Club,” an enthralling debut novel that takes you to the heart of Coopers Chase, a retirement village in Britain. As four residents find themselves embroiled in a high-stakes murder investigation, they must outwit the police in a race against time.

At the center of the club is Elizabeth Best, a woman with a mysterious past, potentially involving espionage, who possesses an extensive network of invaluable sources. Joined by Joyce Meadowcroft, a former nurse chronicling their endeavors, the group also includes psychiatrist Ibrahim Arif and the charismatic political firebrand Ron Ritchie. Their razor-sharp minds impress Police Constable Donna De Freitas, who initially arrives at Coopers Chase to deliver a talk on safety but soon realizes that these retirees are far from ordinary.

Coopers Chase itself is a place shrouded in secrets. Built with tainted money on the grounds of a convent, it is overseen by the despicable Ian Ventham and maintained by the dangerous Tony Curran. But as Curran’s impending replacement, Bogdan Jankowski waits in the wings, Ventham’s ambitious plans for the future hang in the balance. The removal of the nuns’ bodies from the cemetery becomes a crucial part of his sinister agenda.

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When Curran meets a grisly end, DCI Chris Hudson takes charge of the case. However, Elizabeth leverages her influence to ensure the inclusion of the ambitious De Freitas in the investigation, granting the Thursday Club an inside source within the police force. What follows is a spellbinding demonstration of detective work as these remarkable characters employ their diverse skills to uncover a series of interconnected crimes.

The Thursday Murder Club” is an irresistible blend of cozy mystery and dry wit. The characters will charm you, their camaraderie drawing you in and leaving you yearning for more. With each page turn, the intricate plot unfolds, keeping you on the edge of your seat, engrossed in a world where nothing is as it seems.

Prepare to be intrigued, as this top-tier novel takes you on a journey where detection meets charm, and where the quest for truth unveils a tapestry of secrets and surprises.

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