Book Review: ‘The Twyford Code’ by Janice Hallett

Unique and entertaining mystery book.


Book Title: The Twyford Code
Author: Janice Hallett
Publisher: Viper

Book Review
Janice Hallett’s mystery book “The Twyford Code” was released in 2021. The story talks about Hugo Hawksworth, a wealthy businessman discovered deceased in his house in the small village of Twyford. It is a mystery book whose major POV is an inquiry about the murder. A collection of amateur detectives with distinct personalities and objectives leads the inquiry.

The novel is written in an unconventional style, with a mix of narrative formats such as emails, police reports, and social media posts. This adds to the mystery and intrigue of the story, as the reader is left to piece together the clues along with the characters.

The Twyford Code by Janice Hallett Book Cover
The Twyford Code by Janice Hallett Book Cover

“The Twyford Code” is entirely comprised of transcribed voice memos taken off the phone of a missing person. Because the transcription was done by machine, some misspellings and jumbled phrases exist.

The audio notes were created by Steve, the primary character (who is now gone). Steve also has dyslexia, so he tapes himself and others while investigating. Steve is a man with a questionable past attempting to solve a riddle that has plagued him since his school days when his teacher, Miss Iles, went missing on a school excursion.

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The secret to figuring out the truth appears to be his remedial English lesson and a children’s book by now-disgraced author Edith Twyford that contains a code. As Steven revisits people and locations from his past, it becomes clear that the Twyford Code is far more complex than he could have anticipated.

The book is written unusually, with narrative forms ranging from letters to police reports to social media posts. This adds to the story’s mystery and intrigue by leaving the viewer to piece together the hints alongside the characters.

The Twyford Code” is a clever and engaging detective book that will keep you wondering until the end. Its unique format, well-drawn characters, and intricate storyline have earned it favorable evaluations.

The book has been Shortlisted among the Crime & Thriller Book of the Year Shortlist for the prestigious British Book Awards 2023!

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