Book Review: The Vixen by Ketaki Patwardhan Nirkhi


Book Title: The Vixen    

Author: Ketaki Patwardhan Nirkhi

Format: Paperback

Published By: Notion Press        

No. of pages: 196

Book Review

The Vixen by Ketaki Patwardhan Nirkhi is a plot-driven story with many characters closely knit. Gargi Puri and Nandini are close friends. Gargi is getting married, and Nandini has a crush on Gargi’s brother Anupam. But one day, Anupam returns home with his girlfriend, Tanya. Though Nandini convinces herself, suspicion rises whenever she sees Tanya.

The Vixen by Ketaki Patwardhan Nirkhi
The Vixen by Ketaki Patwardhan Nirkhi

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On closer observation, Gargi and Nandini confirm that Tanya is up to the wreckage of the family. Their observations and quest to know about Tanya makes them dig deep into the family and the buried secrets.

This family drama is a well-written, tight plot with no loose ends, with every chapter engaging and exciting. There are central, prominent, and important characters, and the author has given ample space and scope to all of them.

The story flows smoothly and in a linear fashion. Though it is predictable sometimes, the immediate unexpected sequences will surely surprise the readers. This is a good entertainer and a recommended read.

What to Expect

  • Expect an entertainer in every sense with every element.
  • Expect a family that stays together in crisis, giving hope.
  • Expect a story that talks about the importance of transparency amongst the family members.

Who Can Read?

The story is for every reader interested in family dramas with a tinge of mystery and suspense. The book is suitable for beginner-level readers as well as regular readers. The gripping narration will also please voracious readers who generally read serious fiction.

Grammar & Vocabulary

Simple and refined language with adequate vocabulary is used in the book. The Vixen, authored by Ketaki Patwardhan, is published by Notion Press, whose books are famous for quality paper, remarkable stories, and comfortable font. The book’s aesthetics also help readers pick up, so this book is recommended.

Writing Style

The plot has ups and downs, emotional outbursts, and mystery and thriller elements with twists and turns, making the book readable. Readers familiar with suspense family movies, TV serials, or web series will certainly find this story relatable. 

What Did I Like

 1. The plot

 2. Nandini and Gargi’s characters

 3. Intelligent usage of Social Media to unearth the secrets.

 4. Balanced emotional roles of Rishabh and Abhay.

 5. Honesty and affection between the characters.

 6. Little nuances of romance and love that are shown beautifully.

What Could Have Been Better

The story is smooth flowing and engaging. No drawbacks are found.

Entertainment Quotient

A perfect family saga with emotions, suspense, and morals.

Pick it if

  • You like to read family-based thrillers.
  • You appreciate the portrayal of female characters as strong women.

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