Book Review: ‘Think This, Not That’ by Dr. Josh Axe

Transform Your Mindset, Redefine Success, and Live a Life of Purpose with Dr. Josh Axe's Revolutionary Guide.

Book Title: Think This, Not That: 12 Mindshifts to Breakthrough Limiting Beliefs and Become Who You Were Born to Be
Author: Dr. Josh Axe
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Number of Pages: 288
ISBN: 978-1400344048
Date Published: May 25, 2024
Price: INR 369

Think This, Not That by Dr. Josh Axe Book Cover

Book Review

In “Think This, Not That,” Dr. Josh Axe offers an engaging manual for realizing your full potential via the adoption of many paradigm-shifting mental practices. The book aims to guide readers away from limiting ideas and toward a satisfying existence by fostering self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and a development mindset. Axe, a successful businessman and leadership expert, offers twelve ground-breaking mental shifts that will help readers escape a never-ending cycle of inertia and reach their full potential. Axe’s observations provide a path to a better, more purpose-driven future, regardless of whether you’re feeling trapped in a rut or just looking for a more fulfilling life.

Dr. Axe’s approach is both new and captivating. He addresses the typical sense of emptiness that comes with a busy yet unfulfilling existence, encouraging readers to measure success not by their achievements but by the people they become. The book is organized on breaking down false narratives and replacing them with empowered thoughts. Axe demonstrates how to become an active hero in life with a series of practical techniques and realistic situations. His counsel is both practical and motivating, leaving the reader feeling ready to face life’s obstacles with renewed enthusiasm.

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Think This, Not That” is a book that combines wit and wisdom, with a friendly and humorous writing style. It guides readers through practical tasks, from understanding their purpose to developing virtues to overcome vices. The book’s unique approach is its comprehensive vision of success, questioning traditional ideas and encouraging readers to view it as a character-building journey rather than a collection of accolades. The practical approach, complete with examples and visual aids, makes these principles understandable and simple to use.

Think This, Not That” is a valuable resource for personal and professional growth, combining Dr. Axe’s Christian perspective with insights from psychology, business, and Eastern philosophy. It offers a logical path for thinking transformations and practical examples, promoting a life of ultimate meaning.

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