Book Review: Those Women of the Coromandel by Ranga Rao


Book Title: Those Women of the Coromandel
Ranga Rao
Aleph Book Company
No. of pages: 270

Book Review

Those Women of the Coromandel‘ by Ranga Rao is a Telugu translation. The story is set in the 19th century, where the climate, characters, and narratives give that flavor. The story is about three women whose lives are intertwined most interestingly.

Miss Beston, an English entrepreneur, lives in a chain of houseboats in the Coromandel canal. She has an extreme liking for India’s culture and heritage. Her curious mind and dynamic personality are attractive. She’s a host and guide to every British personnel as well as the local people who pass through the Coromandel. The other characters, Granny Appachchi and Worker Aunt, who are related, get befriended by Miss Beston at a very young age.

Those Women of the Coromandel by Ranga Rao
Those Women of the Coromandel by Ranga Rao

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Along with their friendship, India’s customs and politics under Colonial rule make up the story. The story is set up in British India’s Andhra region. From a third person’s perspective, the reader cannot stop appreciating the beauty in relationships and emotions that Author Ranga Rao tried to bring in.

Author Ranga Rao’s language and narration are novel and magical. Andhra politics take a great place in the story. The Yester year’s glory is shown well despite the slavery the Indians endured. Calm paced book with interesting historical background, and this book appeals to those readers who like great writing quoting lost heritage.

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