Book Review: ‘Twisted Tales and Turns’ by Smita Das Jain

Shocking, surprising, and heartfelt!


Book Title: Twisted Tales and Turns
Author: Smita Das Jain
Publisher: Readomania
Number of Pages: 160
ISBN: 978-9391800581
Date Published: Jul. 21, 2023
Price: INR 349

Twisted Tales and Turns by Smita Das Jain Book Cover

Book Review

The short story typically revolves around a singular impact, conveyed through just a few significant episodes or scenes. This literary form promotes an economy of setting, concise storytelling, and a simple plot. Characters are revealed through their actions and dramatic encounters. Despite its limited scope, a short story is often evaluated based on its capacity to deliver a “complete” or gratifying portrayal of its characters and themes.

Defying all the odds and perceptions, this book, “Twisted Tales and Turns” with a collection of 20 short stories by Author Smita Jain, is a must-read for many reasons. As an avid reader, I enjoy books, but as a regular book reviewer, I try to look with a magnifying glass for faults, errors, novelty, and other things. But, “Twisted Tales and Turns” happens to be one of those books that I read and enjoyed the book just as a book lover.

Digging deep into the book, as said above, 20 stories are divided into 4 sections based on the theme they are written on. The first theme is ‘Out of this world’, with 5 fantastic stories to make readers sit on the edge. In this, the ‘Masterpiece’ story is my favorite. The setup, the characters, the intrigue, and the surprise elements got to my nerve! I read the ending paragraphs twice to understand what happened. In the second theme, ‘Not Too Far Into The Future’ – the story ‘Kaleidoscope’ is my favorite. The narration just took off to new heights.

To make this review spoiler free, I would like to discuss other aspects of the book. The best part of the book is Smita Das Jain skillfully keeps the stories concise while effectively conveying the intended messages, showcasing her prowess as a storyteller. The simplicity and effectiveness of the storytelling leave you yearning for more as you progress through the book. Notably, Smita’s use of contemporary themes in her stories addresses crucial questions we face today and explores important subjects, making the book stand out.

Smita’s writing style effortlessly blends simplicity and engagement, captivating readers from the beginning until the end. Her stories beautifully encapsulate the essence of daily life and the diverse situations we encounter, whether during the pandemic or our college days, evoking a sense of nostalgia and familiarity. The skillful maintenance of suspense throughout the stories adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the overall reading experience.

In “Twisted Tales and Turns,” each story unfolds swiftly, rivetingly, brimming with drama. While some tales conclude with loose ends, others build up to captivating and dramatic climaxes. Throughout the collection, Smita adeptly delves into various relationships, crafting thoughtful narratives that leave a lasting impact and make it difficult to set the book aside.

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The stories within the book are both light and meaningful, providing readers with plenty of food for thought. This is a fantastic must-read for everyone who likes short stories. The book is recommended for readers who want to read new and original stories filled with emotions, wit, thrill, and surprise. Young readers can also read the book because of the clean language and scenes!

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