Book Review: ‘Unlocked’ by Gezim Gashi

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Book Title: Unlocked: The Power of You
Author: Gezim Gashi
Publisher: Penguin Business
Number of Pages: 184
ISBN: 978-0143463887
Date Published: Aug. 28, 2023
Price: INR 185

Unlocked by Gezim Gashi Book Cover

Book Review

Unlocked: The Power of You” by Gezim Gashi is a transformative self-help book that seeks to ignite the flames of ambition and self-belief in its readers, regardless of their background or upbringing. Through captivating anecdotes and sage advice, Gashi’s narrative weaves a tapestry of hope and personal growth. From escaping the Kosovo genocide to becoming the first Albanian-Swede to establish a high school institute, the author’s remarkable journey is a potent source of inspiration for those determined to conquer adversity.

The book’s motivational essence shines through, underscoring the significance of setting tangible goals and wholeheartedly embracing them. Gashi champions introspection, mindfulness, and self-awareness as the tools that empower readers to take the reins of their destinies.

Unlocked: The Power of You” unfolds across eleven illuminating chapters. In the opening chapter, “The Power of Your Story,” Gashi elucidates how our self-narratives sculpt our identities and shape our futures. He encourages readers to rewrite their personal stories confidently and positively, celebrating their uniqueness and diversity. The author candidly recounts his experiences growing up as an immigrant in Sweden, where he confronted discrimination and bullying while discovering his passion for music and education.

Throughout the subsequent chapters, Gashi introduces the five superpowers within us all: creativity, curiosity, courage, compassion, and collaboration. He masterfully demonstrates how these innate gifts can be formidable tools in overcoming obstacles and realizing our aspirations. Drawing from his experiences in the entertainment industry and beyond, Gashi provides real-world examples of how these superpowers can be harnessed for success.

The book’s central challenge lies in urging readers to unlock their potential by taking actionable steps toward their dreams and positively impacting others. Gashi offers guidance on finding purpose, constructing a personal brand, cultivating mentorships and peer networks, and applying one’s talents and skills to effect change and generate value. He also shares his vision of establishing a global community of learners and leaders through his Los Angeles-based high school institute.

Unlocked: The Power of You” is a motivational and inspirational treasure trove, teeming with invaluable insights and practical guidance for those yearning to fulfill their true potential. Gashi’s writing is characterized by its raw honesty, subtle humor, and unwavering humility, drawing inspiration from his rich array of experiences and wisdom sources, including psychology, philosophy, spirituality, and pop culture. The book engages readers through interactive exercises, quizzes, probing questions, and thought-provoking challenges, inviting them to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery.

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In summary, “Unlocked: The Power of You” is an indispensable source of motivation and guidance for anyone committed to chasing their dreams. The book’s lucid prose ensures accessibility to a wide audience, making it a highly recommended read for those striving to enhance their lives and achieve their goals.

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