Untamed by Glennon Doyle

Not an easy but effective and strong read!


Book Title: Untamed

Author: Glennon Doyle

Format: Kindle

About the book:
Untamed by Glennon Doyle is a memoir or a book where all her experiences are shared. They are not just those kinds of experiences that the readers will read and remember for few days and jump onto another book.

Those memories she talked about are lessons to every female out there. Why? Because they teach us who and what we are. Through stories from her life, Doyle lets her heart speak and injects sensible and mature thoughts into the readers’ heads.

About the author:
Glennon Doyle is an American author and activist known for her bestsellers Untamed, Love Warrior, and Carry On, Warrior. Doyle is also the creator of the online community Momastery and is the founder and president of Together Rising, an all-women-led nonprofit organization supporting women, families, and children in crisis.

Doyle was married to Craig Melton, a former model, from 2002 to 2016; they have three children. Doyle and her family moved from Centreville, Virginia, to Naples, Florida. Doyle met Abby Wambach on a book tour. In November 2016, Doyle announced that she was in a relationship with Wambach; they married on May 14, 2017.


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My Review:
As Jessica Dukes says, ‘More focused than an autobiography, a memoir is an intimate look at a moment in time’; this book, Untamed by Glennon Doyle is about her journey towards the most critical moment in life.

Despite the advancements in every field worldwide, the status of a woman remains unchanged in many aspects few being, her freedom of expression, her freedom to lead & live her life, and especially the discrimination everywhere.

In the book, Untamed by Glennon Doyle, she talks about her life and incidents that never made her realize what she was going through is. It need not be the physical abuse or violence, but often women fail to recognize the indifferences they face.

These happen in daily life and during daily chores also! This is where Doyle’s writing steals every female reader’s heart. Her experience explained that most readers would relate, realize and enlighten themselves – the book is a good guide.

Reading this book will bring a shape-lift in at least a few of the women’s thought processes, which, unfortunately, they are programmed to! But once they realize and adapt to the newer version of themselves, life will become merrier.

Through her stories and incidents, she talks about love, self-love, religion, sexuality, feminism, forgiveness, politics, parenting, being a woman, a spouse, motherhood, sexual freedom, and many more.

The book is not an easy read, but there will be a sense of urgency to change one’s lives once done reading. The book’s bottom line is it is perfectly fine if someone is untamed and seeks freedom from the mental bondage that is invariably prescribed for women for ages!

The below-mentioned two paragraphs from the book made a severe impact on me.

1. I looked around for a moment to ensure that the shower was not, in fact, a magic portal that had somehow transported me back in time. Nope. There I was, in the twenty-first century, when boys are still being taught that real men are big, bold, violent, invulnerable, disgusted by femininity, and responsible for conquering women and the world. When girls are still being taught that real women must be quiet, pretty, small, passive, and desirable so they’ll be worthy of being conquered. Here we all are. Our sons and daughters are still being shamed out of their full humanity before they even get dressed in the morning.

Grief shatters.

If you let yourself shatter and then you put yourself back together, piece by piece, you wake up one day and realize that you have been completely reassembled. You are whole again, and strong, but you are suddenly a new shape, a new size. The change that happens to people who really sit in their pain—whether it’s a sliver of envy lasting an hour or a canyon of grief lasting decades—it’s revolutionary. When that kind of transformation happens, it becomes impossible to fit into your old conversations or relationships or patterns or thoughts or life anymore. You are like a snake trying to fit back into old, dead skin or a butterfly trying to crawl back into its cocoon. You look around and see everything freshly, with the new eyes you have earned for yourself. There is no going back.

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In the later chapters, she also talks about her first marriage and then when she met Abby, how her orientation changed and ended up in marrying Abby; the whole episode is very charming and loving to read.

Also, she explains how hard it is to face society coming from the LGBTQ community. My little knowledge of the LGBTQ stroke a sad chord for what she has gone through. As they say, in the end, all is well! Glennon and Abby, with their children, are now leading a happy life.

Final Verdict
Not an easy but effective and strong read!


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