Vijyant at Kargil: The Biography of a War Hero


Book Title: Vijyant at Kargil: The Biography of a War Hero
Author: Col. V.N. Thapar & Neha Dwivedi
Format: Kindle

Book Title:
The title of the book ‘Vijyant at Kargil: The Biography of a War Hero‘ is extremely inspiring and motivational

Book Cover:
The cover image of the book is a portrait of Captain Vijayant Thapar who was martyred at the Kargil war

My review:
There is a common saying that war is never good, peace is never bad. But if looked back into the history of mankind, it is apparent that there have been wars since prehistoric ages. Although many attempts have been made to abolish such a heinous act, nothing has changed so far.

The statement made by Charles Darwin saying The survival of the fittest is always quoted by those who justify wars. But deep down if introspected, wars only create sadness and void.  

Personally, I salute and always feel ever indebted to the war heroes who have and are saving us from cross-border attacks, somewhere connecting to the soldier’s fraternity is still a challenge. Ironically, one of my cousins recently attained Lt. Gen. rank yet, I see the gap.

Vijyant-at-Kargil-The-Biography-of-a War-Hero

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As someone quoted, how many of us really look forward to reading books and biographies about the war heroes apart from the usual rom-com, thrillers, or sci-fi books? I can say, this book must be my 10th book on Indian war heroes.

Talking about the book, this e-book titled “Vijyant at Kargil: The Biography of a War Hero” is published by the esteemed Penguin Random House. This is the “first-ever” biography giving a rare insight into the heart and mind of one of India’s bravest soldiers, Captain Vijyant Thapar, son of Colonel VN Thapar and Vijyant was only 22 when he was martyred in the Kargil war in 1999.

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The book has been penned by Vijyant’s father Colonel VN Thapar and writer Neha Dwivedi, a martyr’s daughter herself. It is a great opportunity to read and post a review of this book. I also thank Storizen Team for this.

Inside the book:
The book, Vijyant at Kargil: The Biography of a War Hero has the initial chapters of Vijyant’s birth, his childhood days, his traveling with his parents, and being stationed at different places like Shimla, Pathankot, Tuensang, Barrackpore, Mhow, Noida. The reader also gets to know that his father named him Vijyant inspired after India’s first indigenously built battle tanks called ‘Vijayanta’ which means ‘Victory at the end.’

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The next chapters then make the readers travel in the world of Robin. Vijyant was named Robin and is often addressed with that name. For some reason, only the creator must know that Robin being a child used to talk about death and such things. Having no fear to talk about death at that tender age is really a striking point.

The initial chapters talk about Robin’s childhood, his courage, and his never accepting defeat attitude. The authors have quoted many incidents that reflect his attitude towards life. The readers can then get an idea of how did his outlook towards the country and its service develop.

The later chapters take the readers through a journey that is most memorable and tear-jerking.  The authors introduce the readers to a young and dynamic person who takes an oath to serve and save the country from any infringements.

There are many incidents that are quoted in the book which if I explain will all be spoilers. I wish that every civilian must read this book to experience every emotion.

Who can read the book?
It is the duty of every parent and elder to make their children read books that talk about the real heroes of the land. It is always that the books from army or military background hold up so many emotions and inculcate a sense of belonging towards the motherland.

This book, Vijyant at Kargil: The Biography of a War Hero with examples of incidents and especially Major Vijyant’s sacrifice during the 1999 Kargil war is extremely captivating to read. Being a person from the armed forces, the amount of bravery and courage that author Col. Thapar showed in his writing is appreciated.

My thoughts after reading the book:
The story of every martyr and every brave retired soldier also needs to be told. The path they choose is not very ordinary but extremely intense and courageous.

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If possible it is the primary duty of every one of us to pray for the well-being of the families of such martyrs. Often unless a mishap happens, such heroes don’t come into the limelight.

It is a privilege to know such brave war heroes who laid their lives to save us. Recent incidents like Surgical Strike at Pathankot in the year 2016 or the ghastly Phulwama attack has created a sense of great awareness amongst the people irrespective of age.

And after witnessing the incidents and reading books like this, it’s an overwhelming emotion, and the sense of belongingness to the land grows mysteriously. The same happened to me after I finished reading this book.

My Final Verdict:
The story of a savior turned martyr!

My Rating:

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