Vote For Pant But, Don't by Sorabh Pant

Book Title: Vote for Pant But, Don’t

Author: Sorabh Pant

Format: Kindle

Published By: Rupa Publications

ASIN & Edition: B09XDP2K5L & 1st

Genre: Non-fiction

No.of pages: 199

Rating: 3/5

About the Book

Vote for Pant But, Don't by Sorabh Pant Book Cover
Vote for Pant But, Don’t by Sorabh Pant Book Cover

Do not vote for comedian Sorabh Pant. He is irrelevant, insignificant, and has no knowledge or insights about politics and issues that matter. Also, he’s never going to run for elections, but that’s another story. Either way, Sorabh will still talk about those issues, or at least the ones he’s allowed to talk about.

In this book of toned-down thoughts and toothless opinions, he attempts to answer the important questions: Can motivational speakers solve unemployment? Is politics mainly about not paying tax? Should India give a haircut to Mallya? Can we use our population for direct profit? What is the correct price to buy news? Did ‘someone’ important plagiarize Sorabh’s stand-up set? Should the prime minister personally thank people for paying income tax? What makes China so cute? Is nepotism not really Bollywood’s problem? Should the punishment for fake news be more fake news? And, if Sorabh hosted Mann ki Baat, who would watch that?

About the Author

Sorabh Pant is a comedian and an author. His comedy specials—My Baby Thinks I’m Funny (2016) and Make India Great Again (2018)—were released on Amazon Prime Video. He’s the ex-founder of East India Comedy, a former news debate panelist, and has hosted 200 YouTube Lives which have received almost 8 billion views on He releases free stand-up videos regularly on his YouTube channel, Pant on Fire. His previous books include The Wednesday Soul: The Afterlife with Sunglasses and Under Delhi.

Book Review

India is a country with various cultures, languages, characters, and expressions. The fundamental rights of India are often misinterpreted and misused. But, all said, criticizing is also a form of expression. Legal actions are taken against the artists when people misinterpret their wit and funny comments about leaders and governance.

The same thing happened after India saw a change in the central government, and the BJP party won with exhilarating success. Prime Minister Narendra Modi became very close to the citizens and the public. He came along with the common people and young Indians. There was a new wave of sighs and relief among the people of India.

As days were going forward and people were happy with all the new schemes introduced that were mainly focused on the agricultural sector, India witnessed a dreadful terrorist attack on September 18, 2016. After eleven days, India retaliated with a great force on September 28, 2016.

The adrenaline in the country was at the top, and P.M Modi was lauded for his un-pardoning valor. Later, in November 2016, though a shocker but a blow to fake currency and black money, the bullet named Demonetisation! The swacch Bharat mission to vow the hygiene was another major hit among the people.

Suddenly, the scams unearthing and protests that started inside the country due to many factors gave people to express their discomfort more openly. This was the time when the Stand-up comedy concept became strong in the country. People started accepting; Stand-up artists started performing.

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The media started telecasting the shows, restaurants and food courts started hosting the shows, and sometimes over-board and sometimes harsh truth became topics of discussion. And people who were ardent followers of the government and the leaders attacked the stand-up comedians, filed legal cases, and banned them. Since then, the ignited war has been ever burning.

Sorabh Pant, the author of the book, is one of the finest stand-up comedians the country has produced. Like everyone, he was vocal and honest in his expression, and then he landed up into problems. This book is his way of venting and explaining how freedom of expression is controlled by people who want to gain politically.

The book also talks about various issues that curbed the expected development and prosperity the citizens were promised. Overall, the book accounts for many voices that want to question the government but fail to for many reasons, one being life-threatening and two being named anti-national or anti-Hindu.


This book is for those who wish to understand how expressing has become a threatening situation because of some weird people who pose as followers and end up physically abuse. Many artists have taken a back step and quit performing too. The book is intended for those readers who have a wide mindset and just taste the plight of a common man performing an antique called stand-up comedy! The book is written in easy language, and it is a one-time read!

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