Book Review: Vultures by Dalpat Chauhan

The never-ending sad story of the oppressed.


Book Title: Vultures

Author: Dalpat Chauhan

Translated by: Hemang Ashwinkumar

Published By: Penguin Hamish Hamilton

No. of pages: 328

Book Review

The caste system in India has prevailed for ages, and the people are in social strata and economic backgrounds. Though this system is similar to racism in western countries, where people are discriminated against based on their skin color, people are socially differentiated based on religion and the community in which a person is born in India.

Caste, known as ‘Jati’ or ‘Varna, is the hereditary class of Hindu society. The classification of individuals into varna hierarchy attached to an individual’s identity at their birth is barbaric. Following the Hindu shastras, four hereditary castes exist in India: Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaisya, and Sudra.

Vultures by Dalpat Chauhan
Vultures by Dalpat Chauhan

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This was developed based on the types of artisans in every aspect. For ages, the discrimination among these varnas has exponentially grown.  A recent incident in Rajasthan showcases that even in this technologically advanced society, here in India, people are killed, beaten, and molested for the caste they are born into.

Anything in life is unfortunately attached to an individual’s caste when a man is aiming to build apartments on Mars and Moon, where people are still fighting the caste system.

Coming to this book, written by Gujarat’s famous Dalit writer – Dalpat Chauhan’s Geedh, written in 1991, translated into English by Hemang Ashwinkumar, is an account of an older man, Bhalabha, experience in a toxic casteist, feudal society.

The story of Vultures by Dalpat Chauhan, with its simple and honest writing, takes the readers along with Bhalabha and the life of the oppressed. Read this book to understand how casteism is deep-rooted in everything that belongs to a person.

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