Book Review: What I Really Meant To Say by John Brit & Vaishakhi Bharucha


Book Title: What I Really Meant To Say           

Author: John Brit & Vaishakhi Bharucha

Format: Kindle

Published By: Rupa Publications              

No. of pages: 184

Book Review

Communicating with fellow beings has been a practice since the early human stage. As the human species evolved, his communication skills and manners also evolved. Though communication is a simple act of transferring a message from one place to another, one person to another, and one group to another, all this has to be done with utmost clarity and purpose. Thus, the theory of practical communication skills was unearthed. 

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In our daily life, there may be moments where we might have said an unwanted thing, a disturbing word that might have caused an interruption in relation, or the self could have been hurt. Though the intention is correct, the words used, the context, or even the timing could be improper and result in massive damage.

Thus, a proper way to convey anything needs an appropriate communicating manner. This is not rocket science but also neither an easy task. Many MNCs invest in recruiting communication skills specialists to train the employees for better results in their business. And, some companies outsource communication skills! 

Keeping this in view, John Brit & Vaishakhi Bharucha have brought out this book that will help people to identify, practice, and work on their communication both in personal and social/professional life.

This book explores the most sensitive areas of life and profession where proper communication is necessary. It is fascinating to pick up a topic and present it in alphabetical order. The language is simple, and the book suits a beginner-level reader to a voracious reader.

What I Really Meant To Say by John Brit & Vaishakhi Bharucha is a book that talks about the ABCs of communication, for a better life.

Pick it if

  • You like non-fiction books with general studies.  
  • You want to explore more on the humanities topics.

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