Book Review: ‘When the Wind God Fell Sick and Other Folk Tales’ by Chandrashekhar Kambar



Book Title: When the Wind God Fell Sick and Other Folk Tales
Author: Chandrashekhar Kambar
Translated by: Krishna Manavalli
Publisher: Rupa Publications
Number of Pages: 128
ISBN: 978-9357021944
Date Published: Apr. 05, 2023
Price: INR 193

When the Wind God Fell Sick and Other Folk Tales by Chandrashekhar Kambar Book Cover

Book Review

When the Wind God Fell Sick and Other Folk Tales” is a compelling collection of stories and a play written by acclaimed Indian dramatist, poet, and writer Chandrashekhar Kambar. Kambar’s contributions to Kannada literature have garnered him awards such as the renowned Jnanpith Award for his lyrical language and assimilation of rich folk traditions. This book, written in collaboration with literary critic and translator Krishna Manavalli, takes readers on a hypnotic trip via beautiful novels that merge adventure, romance, and good-natured humor

The stories in this anthology immerse young readers in a realm of gods, devils, princesses, sorcerers, and everyday heroes. From the victory of love over hostile supernatural powers in “Daughter of the Kino Tree” to the fatal results of a wicked king’s irresponsible tree-cutting in “Gullava and the Lord of Rain,” Kambar’s narrative talent is on display in each story. “The Tale of the Flower Queen,” one of the highlight works, explores envy, love, and the complicated interplay between human ambitions and the natural world.

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The titular story, “When the Wind God Fell Sick,” takes center stage by emphasizing the critical role of trees and the environment. This story about the ill Wind God teaches young readers about the importance of nature in sustaining a healthy environment. Another gripping story in the anthology describes a complex conflict between people and animals united in their goal to save a tree from destruction. Through these stories, Kambar creates an elaborate tapestry that celebrates nature’s beauty while instilling a sense of duty and environmental concern in young minds a sense of duty and environmental concern.

When the Wind God Fell Sick and Other Folk Tales” is an excellent piece of children’s fiction that masterfully balances fantasy aspects with relevant environmental concerns. It entertains and educates youngsters about the need for environmental protection via its beautiful tale. The book’s success stems from its ability to captivate young readers with vivid images and engaging stories while discreetly teaching them to be aware of their surroundings. From young readers who enjoy folk tales to those who want stories with environmental issues, this book provides a treasure trove of enthralling storytelling and essential teachings.

Finally, “When the Wind God Fell Sick and Other Folk Tales” is a charming book that flawlessly blends fun and instruction. The combination of Chandrashekhar Kambar’s outstanding narrative and Krishna Manavalli’s translation ability creates a compilation that will make a lasting impression on young readers. This book is a must-read for youngsters seeking adventure and enlightenment since it introduces them to the delights of folklore and emphasizes the need for environmental care.