Book Review: ‘Why Do I Feel So Sad?’ by Dr. Shefali Batra

Unlocking the Healing Path: Empower Yourself to Overcome Depression


Book Title: Why Do I Feel So Sad? Your Pathway to Healing Depression
Author: Dr. Shefali Batra
Publisher: Jaico Publishing House
Number of Pages: 334
ISBN: 978-9393559869
Date Published: May 05, 2023
Price: INR 369

Why Do I Feel So Sad Your Pathway to Healing Depression by Dr. Shefali Batra

Book Review

Everyone experiences sadness on occasion; it is a universal emotion. However, persistent boredom, melancholy, changing energy levels, and sleep problems may be symptoms of mental illness. People suffering from depression or other mood disorders must work closely with a mental health professional to get the support they need to recover.

While family members and other loved ones can help people move on after a depression episode, it is also critical that people who have suffered from major depressive disorder seek treatment for both the mental and physical difficulties that can accompany depression. Most persons suffering from mental diseases do not seek or receive treatment. Individuals are afraid of being judged, of change, of the unknown, and of what they could discover in therapy; they are too proud to admit they need help.

In “Why Do I Feel So Sad?” Dr. Shefali Batra, a prominent psychiatrist, digs into the depths of sadness, providing readers with a wealth of knowledge and helpful techniques to tackle this pervasive social evil. The author gives a variety of practical techniques for recovery in a sympathetic and supportive tone.

The book is divided into five parts, each carefully crafted to educate readers through the difficulties of sadness. Dr. Batra advises readers in the first section, aptly headed “Know the Enemy if You Want to Fight It,” to comprehend depression, its origins, and its effects thoroughly. She helps people with the knowledge they need to combat this pernicious illness by throwing light on it. The author delves into numerous aspects of depression in the following sections.

Dr. Batra instills a sense of optimism and regeneration as the book concludes in the fifth part, encouraging folks to embrace their newfound knowledge and go on a path of transformation. The book’s comprehensive format, divided into 38 chapters, quickly piques readers’ interest. Dr. Batra expertly discusses various depression-related issues, dispelling prevalent myths. Her sympathetic attitude and profound grasp of the human psyche show through the pages, providing peace and direction to those in need.

Dr. Shefali Batra skilfully incorporates case studies using her patients in her book to explain and illuminate the many topics mentioned throughout the book. By telling these relevant experiences, she establishes a strong bond between the readers and those suffering through their challenges. Dr. Batra expresses her belief that every reader would identify with these experiences and, as a result, start on a transforming path of self-improvement. Readers will likely gain great empathy and connection with the characters due to these compelling storylines, establishing a deep and intimate tie that promotes their personal growth.

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This book’s defining feature is its distinct writing style. Each chapter follows a set of thought-provoking questions encouraging readers to think about themselves and obtain valuable insights. Unlike many other publications, this one goes beyond academic information and provides practical counsel. A profusion of do-it-yourself (DIY) approaches that may be quickly adopted in the fight against depression. It distinguishes itself as a practical handbook, providing readers with a hands-on approach to dealing with melancholy rather than merely giving theoretical instructions.

Why Do I Feel So Sad? Your Pathway to Healing Depression” is a fantastic resource for anybody dealing with depression or seeking better knowledge of the illness. Dr. Shefali Batra’s wisdom and caring assistance equip readers with a road map to recovery, emphasizing that overcoming depression begins with renewed hope and faith in a brighter future.

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