Book Review: Wildlife India@50 by Manoj Kumar Misra


Book Title: Wildlife India@50 Saving the Wild, Securing the Future

Author: Manoj Kumar Misra

Format: Hardcover         

Published By: Rupa Publications India

No. of pages: 543           

Genre: Non-fiction (Environmental)

Book Review

In 2022, India celebrates 75 years of Independence and 50 years of the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972. A lot has since happened on the wildlife front, and more could have been achieved. Rupa Publications has published three other books on the eve of the 75th Indian Independence. Knowing the Wildlife Protection Act and its internal policies is an honor. 

Wildlife India@50 by Manoj Kumar Misra
Wildlife India@50 by Manoj Kumar Misra

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The book, Wildlife India@50 by Manoj Kumar Misra is a collection of essays by conservationists, academicians, and policymakers on India’s 50-year journey in wildlife conservation is a deep dive into what we have achieved, what more we can do, and what the future holds. The book is divided into two parts, where each part has 15 essays, each by eminent persons from the wildlife conservation tasks. 

The preface, introduction, glossary, and about the contributors are the other important pages that a reader must not miss. The book is extremely informative and explains the various organizations’ and communities’ operations. It is recommended for all readers who like a serious non-fiction book.


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