Book:  Work, Workers and Workplaces

Author: Parthajeet Sarma

About The Author: Mumbai-based Parthajeet Sarma loved writing from his school days.  He was an active writer contributing to school magazines and newspapers, but somewhere along the way, his writing skills were left on the back-burner once he took up a professional course and later started working. Trained as an architect from Sir J J College of Architecture in Mumbai, Parthajeet later went on to complete an MBA.

He worked with a few MNCs before starting out on his own. Parthajeet’s architectural venture is called iDream, where he designs corporate facilities and has worked on designing workplaces for various Fortune 500 corporates. In his other avatar, where he revived his passion for writing Parthajeet has penned down his thoughts in his maiden outing ‘Smart Phones, Dumb People?’

The book brings to fore the dichotomy of the world we live in – where many of our lives are ruled by smartphones and the internet, there are also millions who go without easy access to basics like water and electricity. YourStory caught up with the part-time author and full-time architect to discuss the book, his buildings, and things in between.

About the Book: Humans are wired to follow the path of least resistance. If one doesn’t have to do something, he or she will not do it. Technology has enabled humans to work from coffee shops and from home, reducing the need to go to work. The very meaning of work has changed for modern-day workers where the workplace is no more physical space.

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The new workplace is a blended space of the physical and the digital. The subconscious mind is like cruise control for humans and shapes behavior. The environment that one is in conditions the mind. At work, the workplace environment conditions quality of thinking. For organizations in a collaboration economy today, productivity depends on the quality of thinking, and not so much on efficiency. The blended workplace is the starting point of innovation for organizations that believe in innovation.

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Parthajeet Sarma delves into psychology, human evolution, and science to draw connections with greatly changed expectations from work. In his third book, Parthajeet espouses the need for management to get out of codified theories. This facilitates a macro view, leading to a radical new meaning of work, workers, and workplaces that is aligned with the organization’s vision for the future. 

Review: The cover of the book is nice and perfectly suited the title. It is a nonfiction book that perfectly describes the evolution in the corporate world based on digitalization. All the people who work in MNC’s have the advantage of taking work from home option and can work at home by accessing data online due to software’s available in today’s world.

They can enjoy their work and family life and can create a balance. The author had narrated this topic very precisely and in simple language to which everyone can relate. Many corporate companies are appreciating the creativity and productivity of the employee and make their life easy and convenient. These days due to digitalization and marketing platform available in social media platform many people are working as a freelancer also.

I am an HR by profession and we recruit the best talent. Now we can easily get good talent on LinkedIn and Facebook making our work easy because of Technology. Every detail in the book is up to the mark. I am impressed by the Author’s research work. Being an Hr I also relate to Hr policies which the author had beautifully explained.

It is true Hr policies are changing these days making the employee comfortable in their work environment. The policies are very well giving benefits to the employees and striking the balance between employer and employee. These days companies are providing Gym, cafeteria and cab facilities for the employees which help them to enjoy their work and commute anywhere.

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Every part of the chapter is important in today’s Scenario and how we utilize these changes for our success and for the success of the company. Overall a good read. I would recommend everyone to read this book enjoy working and love their job and company. All the best Parthajeet for wonderful writing.

Verdict: ☆☆☆☆ A non Fiction book related to changing work environment because of Technology. Good for people who are working in MNC’s

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