You are the Best Thing that Happened to me


Book Title: You are the Best Thing that Happened to me
Sushil Kumar Rana

Book Title:
The book title ‘You are the Best Thing that Happened to me‘ is simple and hints to the readers that it’s a love story.

Book Cover:
The book cover is a digital art image of a young man and a woman, where the man is sitting on his knees and proposing to the woman.


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You are the Best Thing that Happened to me is about a guy and his beloved lover Anjali. It’s a simple love story that heads back to student life and unsaid emotions. They both meet in life after few years of college life and feel the same as they felt earlier a few years back. Will they confess one’s feelings to each other and settle down is what the book is about.

As an avid reader, this point seemed a little absurd and dramatic. As life progresses and people mature, those amateur emotions fade away but as it’s a fiction story the drama looks fine. There is nothing much to take away from the book but a feel-good smile after knowing few things that only and usually Mechanical Engineering Graduates experience.

What I like:
1. Few real-time experiences usually mechanical engineers encounter
2. An honest attempt of storytelling.

What I didn’t like:
1. Instead few phrases or long sentences, a rich word could have been used in many places.
2. The grammatical errors pertaining to tenses should have been taken care of.

A very predictable and simple narration is observed.

It seems the male protagonist is the author himself because as at many places the narration seems to be like self-talk. Other characters are also plotted well. But the depth of the characters is not delved much into the emotion at some places.

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Language & Grammar:
Easy language is used. Since it’s a second edition, the language must have been taken care and good vocabulary could have been used.

My Verdict: 
A simple and predictable story of You are the Best Thing that Happened to me makes it just a one-time read.


Book Title: 3/5
Book Cover:
Language & Grammar:

Final Rating:  3/5

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