10 Books to Read in August 2023

Step into the literary world of August 2023 with a captivating array of stories that span the spectrum of human experience. This month’s reading list promises an enchanting blend of romance, mystery, intrigue, and introspection. Join us as we explore the pages of “The Best Possible Experience,” where narratives of belonging and connection unfold in unexpected ways. Experience the uproarious escapades in the “Broke and Beautiful” trilogy, where love ignites amidst financial challenges and vibrant personalities.

For those with a taste for legal drama, “Déjà Karma” and “Unsealed Covers” offer gripping insights into the intricacies of justice and societal shifts. Embark on a journey to Depression-era America in “The Trackers,” where secrets unravel against a backdrop of transformation. Delve into the relentless world of Basgiath War College in “Fourth Wing,” a tale of courage and intrigue that tests the limits of human determination. And finally, explore the complexities of identity and fear in “Assassin” and “Beyond Fear,” two masterpieces that illuminate the depths of the human psyche. These ten books hold the promise of a captivating and thought-provoking literary journey that is sure to enrich your August.

The Best Possible Experience by Nishanth Injam

1. The Best Possible Experience by Nishanth Injam

In “The Best Possible Experience,” a young man’s bus journey to his hometown turns intriguing as fellow passengers vanish into a restroom, while a woman’s visit to her grandfather in an Indian village reveals his connection to lingering spirits. Simultaneously, a man’s Green Card interview takes an unconventional turn due to a paid marriage. Nishanth Injam’s narratives delve into the profound loss of home, emphasizing the universal essence of belonging—a sentiment not bound by physical space but by a welcoming community that embraces individual authenticity. These emotionally charged stories mark the debut of exceptional literary talent, resonating with vibrant authenticity.

Chase Me: A Broke and Beautiful Novel 1 by Tessa Bailey

2. Chase Me: A Broke and Beautiful Novel 1 by Tessa Bailey

Embark on an enchanting journey crafted by the #1 New York Times bestselling author, creator of literary gems like It Happened One Summer and Hook, Line, and Sinker. Dive into a captivating and uproarious romantic comedy trilogy, chronicling the intertwined lives of three alluring yet destitute strangers who chance upon a shared New York City apartment. Roxy Cumberland, a college dropout chasing acting dreams, faces financial ruin, leading her to an unusual gig: performing singing telegrams. Her first client, a cocky Manhattan heir, sets the stage for humiliation as she sings an ode to his recent escapade while clad in a massive pink bunny costume. Across town, lawyer Louis McNally II, reeling from a night of celebration, is taken aback by a rabbit-themed serenade at his doorstep. Intrigued by Roxy’s wit and voice, he seeks more than a fleeting encounter, initiating a pursuit that unveils his hidden depths. Roxy grapples with her disdain for privileged upbringings, yet Louis strives to reveal the layers beneath his affluent exterior, even if it means traversing the city to win her over.

Need Me: A Broke and Beautiful Novel 2 by Tessa Bailey

3. Need Me: A Broke and Beautiful Novel 2 by Tessa Bailey

Trading her cowboy boots for stilettos, Honey Perribow’s journey from a Kentucky town to Columbia University was meant for a medical degree, but it took an unexpected turn when she encountered the captivating Professor Ben Dawson. Determined to unravel his reserved exterior, a chance encounter in a locked closet sparks explosive chemistry between them. As Ben realizes Honey’s identity and fights their attraction, he must prove his profound need for her, safeguarding a love that became the best part of his life.

Make Me: A Broke and Beautiful Novel 3 by Tessa Bailey

4. Make Me: A Broke and Beautiful Novel 3 by Tessa Bailey

Delve into the latest creation by the renowned author of It Happened One Summer and Hook, Line, and Sinker, a uniquely uproarious narrative spotlighting three financially challenged yet stunningly attractive best friends. Abby Sullivan, an uptown sophisticate, has ensnared rugged construction worker Russell Hart’s affections, though he doubts his blue-collar roots could truly satisfy her. If only she’d cease casting him as her savior—a role he covets—perhaps he could accept reality. Abby’s family business consumes her time, and Russell’s protective antics as part of their public-facing Super Group complicate her single status. After a close call, her perception of Russell shifts, and a once platonic bond transforms into a tantalizing prelude, ready to shatter inhibitions and plunge them into thrilling uncertainty.

Déjà Karma by Vish Dhamija

5. Déjà Karma by Vish Dhamija

In pursuit of a twisted truth: Jay Singh, a flamboyantly cunning defense attorney, boasts an unparalleled winning streak, fabricating ironclad alibis with unconventional tactics. Yet, his own haunted history – an unsolved paternal murder and his mother’s conviction – casts shadows. When a high-profile murder case emerges, Jay’s reputation and even survival hang in the balance. As his past inches closer, he faces a defining choice: protect his pristine image or confront a brutal reality.

The Trackers by Charles Frazier

6. The Trackers by Charles Frazier

Introducing a captivating new novel from the author of the international bestseller “Cold Mountain.” Set against the backdrop of Depression-era America, artist Val Welch’s journey to Dawes, Wyoming, takes an unexpected turn when he secures a New Deal assignment to create a mural for the town’s Post Office. As Val becomes entangled with the enigmatic couple John Long and Eve, secrets unravel, leading to a mission to track down Eve after she absconds with a valuable painting. From ramshackle Hoovervilles to San Francisco’s vibrant nightclubs and Florida’s mysterious swamps, Val’s search unveils transformative revelations for all.

Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros

7. Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros

Step into the relentless realm of Basgiath War College, a domain cloaked in intrigue where survival is uncertain with each passing night. Violet Sorrengail, twenty years of age, was meant for the tranquil haven of the Scribe Quadrant, immersed in books and history. But destiny pivots as her resolute mother, the formidable commanding general, compels Violet into the fray alongside aspiring dragon riders, thrusting her fragile frame into a perilous dance with death. Scarce are the dragons that forge unbreakable bonds, scarcer still the chances for cadets. Amidst cutthroat competition, Violet’s small stature becomes a target, and her lineage a liability; even Xaden Riorson, the unyielding wing leader, hungers for her downfall. With every sunrise, her acumen becomes a lifeline in this unforgiving crucible. Yet, the world outside festers with a deadlier conflict, protective wards waver, and a shrouded truth looms. Bonds will form, alliances will shift, and secrets will surface, as the crucible offers but two outcomes: conquer or succumb.

Unsealed Covers: A Decade of the Constitution, the Courts and the State by Gautam Bhatia

8. Unsealed Covers: A Decade of the Constitution, the Courts and the State by Gautam Bhatia

“Unsealed Covers” by Gautam Bhatia offers a unique glimpse into the transformation of the Indian judiciary from 2014 to 2023, encompassing the rise of the NDA government post the 2014 general election and its reinforced dominance in 2019. This era witnessed notable turmoil within democratic mechanisms designed to counterbalance majority rule, with a focal point being the judiciary, particularly the Supreme Court. Departing from its historically assertive role, the Court exhibited a more subdued and occasionally accommodating approach towards the NDA government(s). The book delves into this intriguing dynamic, tracing its evolution and chronological nuances, while also shedding light on pivotal judgments that have left an indelible mark on the past decade.

Assassin by K.R. Meera

9. Assassin by K.R. Meera

From the award-winning author of Hangwoman emerges a gripping narrative: one fateful November night in 2016, Satyapriya, a middle-aged professional living alone in a bustling city, survives an assault that reveals itself to be part of a sinister pattern. Following her father’s untimely demise shortly after, Satyapriya is thrust into the heart of a conspiracy that she is determined to unravel. Set amidst India’s tumultuous demonetization campaign and reaching its climax on the anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination, this genre-defying masterpiece by K.R. Meera, originally titled Ghathakan in Malayalam and brilliantly translated by J. Devika, explores the intricate interplay of identity, gender, power, patriarchy, caste, and wealth that shapes the lives of women in the country—an essential read for every Indian.

Beyond Fear: True Stories on Life in the Indian Armed Forces by Ian Cardozo

10. Beyond Fear: True Stories on Life in the Indian Armed Forces by Ian Cardozo

Contained within Major General Ian Cardozo’s book “Beyond Fear” are intriguing accounts, including that of a third-generation soldier from the 1st Battalion, 5th Gorkha Rifles (FF), who perished in combat; an unsettling ghost story relayed by a Garhwal Rifles officer during a visit to Lansdowne; and a gripping depiction of the 1965 air raid on Pakistan’s Sargodha airfield, orchestrated by Wing Commander O.P. Taneja, VrC. These narratives collectively emphasize the universal nature of fear while prompting reflection on whether to confront or evade it. Through thirteen tales, the author unveils how military personnel brave fear, an approach he dubs ‘biting the bullet.’ Amidst intricate plots, the stories illuminate how virtues like honor, love, courage, trust, hope, faith, and loyalty empower soldiers to conquer fear, while offering readers guidance for their own apprehensions in daily life, ultimately blurring the line between reality and fiction.

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