10 Books to Read in June 2024

June is the perfect month to immerse yourself in a good book, whether you’re lounging on a sunny beach, relaxing in a cozy corner of your home, or enjoying the long daylight hours. To help you decide what to read next, we’ve curated a list of ten captivating titles that promise to transport you to different worlds, stir your emotions, and challenge your perspectives. From a gripping midsummer murder mystery and a historical con job that rocked a nation, to deeply personal explorations of culture and identity, these books are sure to make your June reading list unforgettable. So, grab your favorite reading spot and dive into these must-reads that will keep you turning pages all month long.

The Midnight Feast by Lucy Foley

1. The Midnight Feast by Lucy Foley

In the shadows of an ancient woodland on the Dorset coast, guests gather for the opening weekend of The Manor, a beautiful new countryside retreat. Yet, under the blazing midsummer sun, something sinister awakens. Old friends and enemies circulate among the attendees, reigniting past alliances and rivalries. As the solstice supper begins and candles flicker to life, a body is discovered. This mystery traces back to a secret buried fifteen years ago, now crashing the party and culminating in murder at THE MIDNIGHT FEAST.

The Scam That Shook a Nation by Prakash Patra and Rasheed Kidwai

2. The Scam That Shook a Nation by Prakash Patra and Rasheed Kidwai

On May 24, 1971, a conman posing as a courier for Prime Minister Indira Gandhi swindled Rs 60 lakh from the chief cashier at the State Bank of India’s Parliament Street branch. Acting on a phone call allegedly from the Prime Minister and her secretary P.N. Haksar, the cashier handed over the money, believing it was for covert operations in East Pakistan. Upon seeking a receipt from the Prime Minister’s Office, he learned that neither the Prime Minister nor Haksar had given such instructions, exposing the ruse. The Delhi Police quickly recovered the money and arrested Rustom Sohrab Nagarwala, a former army captain, who orchestrated the heist. The incident led to a flawed police investigation, judicial bungling, mysterious deaths of both the accused and the lead investigator, and Indira Gandhi’s conspicuous silence, all fueling numerous conspiracy theories. “The Scam That Shook a Nation,” based on police records, press reports, and testimonies before the Justice Jaganmohan Reddy Commission, offers the first authoritative account of this scandal, its investigation, and its lasting impact as a symbol of political corruption.

Dalit Kitchens of Marathwada by Shahu Patole

3. Dalit Kitchens of Marathwada by Shahu Patole

‘This is the food my ancestors ate, passed down through generations, shaped by centuries of discrimination. It’s an acquired taste, enriched by history.’ Shahu Patole’s seminal work, Anna He Apoorna Brahma, holds the distinction of being the first Marathi publication to chronicle Dalit food history, focusing on the culinary traditions of two Maharashtrian communities: Mahar and Mang. Structured as a memoir interwoven with recipes, the book delves into how food reinforces social divisions and reflects on caste-based discrimination—defining what is sattvic (pure), rajasic (fit for royalty), or tamasic (sinful), and exploring the reasons behind these classifications. The book, now available in English as Dalit Kitchens of Marathwada, showcases the resourceful yet humble diet of the marginalized, devoid of luxuries like oil, ghee, and milk, featuring ingredients unfamiliar to upper-caste traditions. It scrutinizes Hindu scriptures that dictated dietary norms for each varna, challenging the notion that one’s diet determines one’s identity. Through a rich tapestry of everyday dishes and festive specialties, Patole’s narrative demonstrates the unifying and culture-preserving power of food within these communities.

17, Morris Road by Parul Sharma

4. 17, Morris Road by Parul Sharma

Home can often feel like a space caught between nostalgic memories and the promises of what’s to come. Gayatri Trivedi is on the brink of an empty nest. Her only son is heading to the land of endless pizza and soda, her husband seems detached from her emotional turmoil, and an old flame from her youth is beckoning her to Dehradun. But Dehradun, like Arbour House—the colonial bungalow that still holds a piece of her heart—has changed over the years. As she revisits her past, Gayatri is flooded with memories of the people who shaped her life at sixteen. Navigating through the haze of nostalgia to a clearer view of her future, Gayatri faces the challenge of letting go of “what might have been.” The enchanting and poignant tale of “17, Morris Road” skillfully blends past experiences and buried feelings, ultimately depicting the journey of finding one’s place in an ever-evolving world.

How the World Was Born: Wondrous Indian Myths and Legends Retold by Lopamudra Maitra

5. How the World Was Born: Wondrous Indian Myths and Legends Retold by Lopamudra Maitra

“How the World Was Born: Wondrous Indian Myths and Legends” is a captivating collection of 108 creation stories spanning from Jammu and Kashmir in the north to Kanyakumari in the south, from Rajasthan in the west to Manipur in the east, and many regions in between. These tales explore the origins of the sun, the moon, and the changing seasons. You’ll be enchanted by the beloved story of the parijat tree’s descent from the heavens, learn why the sun is hot, the wind is dry, and the moon is beautiful, and discover the legend behind the great hornbill. Other tales include the beginnings of eclipses, the origin of the Karens of the Andamans, the creation of the twelve months in the Lepcha calendar, how the Santals received music and dance from the gods, the reason poovan bananas are offered at Korattymuthy, the creation of lightning and thunder, and the formation of Khecheopalri Lake in Sikkim. Imaginative, brilliant, and full of wisdom, this book will enchant readers of all ages.

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At the Heart of Power: The Chief Ministers of Uttar Pradesh by Shyamlal Yadav

6. At the Heart of Power: The Chief Ministers of Uttar Pradesh by Shyamlal Yadav

In “At the Heart of Power,” a captivating exploration of Uttar Pradesh’s political landscape, investigative journalist Shyamlal Yadav delves into the lives and legacies of the state’s 21 chief ministers, spanning from Independence to the present day. From the visionary strategies of Govind Ballabh Pant to the empowerment initiatives of Yogi Adityanath, each leader’s narrative unfolds as a gripping saga of power and politics, showcasing their ability to navigate the challenges and triumphs of the sociopolitical terrain. Through meticulous research, Yadav unveils the dynamic personalities and enduring legacies of these leaders, offering profound insights into their ideologies, policies, and leadership styles. This extraordinary odyssey through the lives of Uttar Pradesh’s foremost leaders not only revisits the past but also contextualizes the present, providing a compelling read for history enthusiasts, political aficionados, and anyone curious about the pulse of India’s heartland.

White Blood by Nanak Singh and Dilraj Singh Suri

7. White Blood by Nanak Singh and Dilraj Singh Suri

In the bustling corridors of Amritsar Railway Station, a routine encounter takes an extraordinary turn when a ticket officer apprehends a destitute traveler, only to discover that the ragged figure is none other than the revered wordsmith, Gupteshwar. However, it is not Gupteshwar’s impoverished state that shakes the officer, but the chilling narrative of his latest opus, a reflection of the moral decay eating away at twentieth-century Punjab. As Gupteshwar unravels the threads of his unfinished tale, blurring the lines between reality and fiction, the story exposes a society plagued by corruption, casteism, and grotesque inequality. Within Nanak Singh’s masterful prose lies a scathing critique of a world where those entrusted with moral authority often wield it as a tool for exploitation, painting an unflinching portrait of an era defined by its moral bankruptcy and societal decay.

Blue Sisters by Coco Mellors

8. Blue Sisters by Coco Mellors

In the mosaic of the Blue sisters, each thread unravels a unique tale. Avery, the poised lawyer in London, hides a secret that could dismantle her seemingly perfect life. Bonnie, once a formidable boxer turned LA bouncer, teeters on the edge of exile after a reckless escapade. Meanwhile, Lucky, the Parisian model, finds her carefree existence crumbling under the weight of her own excesses. The unexpected loss of Nicky, the fourth sister, leaves Avery, Bonnie, and Lucky grappling with profound grief. A year later, they converge in New York, united by a mission to save their childhood home from sale. Through shared sorrow, battling personal demons, and confronting heartache, they rediscover the strength of sisterhood and rekindle their love for life’s intricate dance.

The Naga Warriors by Akshat Gupta

9. The Naga Warriors by Akshat Gupta

In anticipation of forthcoming challenges, our ancestors forged the Naga sadhus—a revered cohort dedicated to safeguarding Dharma, as ordained by Adi Guru Shankaracharya in the eighth century. Devotees of Shiva, these warriors epitomize selflessness, confronting adversity with unyielding courage. Through centuries, they’ve met heroic ends, defending Dharma and sacred temples. In the annals of 1757, 111 Naga sadhus requisitioned divine armaments to protect the temples of Gokul, led by Ajaa, a fearless warrior, against an Afghan force led by Sardar Khan, infamous for temple demolitions and genocide. This saga embodies the Naga warriors’ valor and resolute determination, symbolizing the clash between Shiva’s devotees and humanity’s darker impulses, the epic tale of the Battle of Gokul.

Sentenced to Murder by Sue Minix

10. Sentenced to Murder by Sue Minix

She’s ventured into the realm of murder mysteries in her writing but now faces the challenge of cracking a chilling real-life cold case. Just as Jen settles in to spin her next tale of intrigue, she stumbles upon a gripping conundrum: a man fighting his wrongful murder conviction. Jaylon’s lifeline hangs by a thread, needing a kidney transplant to survive, an option denied to him in prison for a crime he protests he didn’t commit. Jen’s amateur detective skills are put to the ultimate test as time dwindles to uncover the truth and save Jaylon from a deadly fate. Can she untangle the web of lies before his murder sentence turns into a death sentence? This cozy mystery, reminiscent of Agatha Christie and Ellery Adams, promises suspense that will keep readers guessing until the very last page.

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