10 Books to Read in March 2024

Embark on a literary journey through March 2024 with Storizen Magazine’s handpicked selection of captivating books to read that promise to enrich your mind and soul. From celebrating the resilience of iconic Indian women in Kiran Manral’s “Rising 2.0” to exploring the intricate web of love and mythology in Kala Krishnan’s “Theivanai: Murugan Trilogy – Part 2,” this curated list offers diverse narratives to satisfy every reader’s palate. Join us as we delve into the depths of introspection and rejuvenation with Paulo Coelho’s “Maktub” and discover practical strategies for conquering burnout in Emily Ballesteros’s “The Cure For Burnout.” From enthralling mysteries like Katy Brent’s “The Murder After the Night Before” to insightful biographies like Nico Slate’s “Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay: The Art of Freedom,” each book invites you to explore new worlds and perspectives. Whether you’re craving romance in Ali Hazelwood’s “Bride,” unraveling the complexities of justice in S. A. Cosby’s “All the Sinners Bleed,” or indulging in short fiction in “The Thief’s Funeral” edited by Sucharita Sengupta, Chandra Chari, and Uma Iyengar, there’s something for every reader in this diverse collection. And if you’re in the mood for a gripping thriller, look no further than Alex Michaelides’s “The Fury,” where secrets and lies intertwine in a deadly game of cat and mouse. So grab a cozy spot and dive into these compelling reads that promise to make your March an unforgettable literary adventure.

Rising 2.0 by Kiran Manral

1. Rising 2.0: 20 More Women Who Changed India by Kiran Manral

This collection of 20 narratives celebrates the resilience and brilliance of iconic Indian women who defied the odds to become trailblazers. Despite ongoing conversations about women’s empowerment, their contributions remain largely overlooked. Kiran Manral’s “Rising 2.0” continues her work from “Rising: 30 Women Who Changed India,” spotlighting women’s achievements. From pre-independence to modern times, the book portrays women who excelled as army captains, botanists, lawyers, chefs, and more. Through exclusive interviews and thorough research, it highlights inspiring figures like J. Jayalalithaa, Ismat Chughtai, Mithali Raj, Kalpana Chawla, and others, showcasing their lasting impact on society.

Theivanai Murugan Trilogy - Part 2 by Kala Krishnan

2. Theivanai: Murugan Trilogy – Part 2 by Kala Krishnan

In Kala Krishnan’s Murugan Trilogy, the essence of this deity transcends mere devotion, delving deep into the realms of love. Following the great battle of Chendur, Murugan, embodying Mahasena, faces new challenges. His devoted war bard Aambal emerges drained, her memories scattered, struggling to reclaim her voice. Meanwhile, Murugan is torn from Theivanai’s captivating presence, his pursuit of her affection unfolding amidst the tapestry of his mythologies. Through verse and prose, Krishnan unravels Murugan’s universe, exploring the lives of the women in his realm, vividly intertwining familiar tales with fresh narratives, enriching Murugan’s mythology.

Maktub by Paulo Coelho

3. Maktub by Paulo Coelho

An essential complement to the timeless wisdom of The Alchemist emerges a captivating anthology of introspection and rejuvenation penned by the eminent author Paulo Coelho. From his daily column, “Maktub,” meaning “it is written,” Coelho gathers a treasury of narratives inviting seekers on a voyage of faith, introspection, and transformation. Within these tales, akin to Zen koans and cosmic mysteries, lie conversing serpents, mountain-climbing elders, inquisitive disciples, dialogues with Buddha, reclusive sages, and a plethora of saints. Each story illuminates pathways to perceive life and humanity with fresh eyes, fostering an understanding of universal truths. Coelho’s insights remind us that enlightenment without responsibility leads to darkness while fixating solely on the sun renders one blind. With its profound wisdom and black-and-white illustrations, this anthology engages seekers of all backgrounds, continuing Coelho’s legacy of globally acclaimed inspirational works.

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The Cure For Burnout Build Better Habits, Find Balance and Reclaim Your Life by Emily Ballesteros

4. The Cure For Burnout: Build Better Habits, Find Balance and Reclaim Your Life by Emily Ballesteros

Do you wake up each morning filled with dread, find yourself working tirelessly on evenings and weekends to catch up, and have you battled burnout only to have it resurface? If so, Emily Ballesteros, a burnout management coach, offers a solution through a blend of scientific and cultural research alongside her successful strategies used with clients globally. She breaks down her approach into five essential areas—mindset, personal care, time management, boundaries, and stress management—empowering individuals to break free from burnout-inducing habits, establish sustainable work-life balance, boost productivity, honor personal and professional boundaries, and conquer stress triggers. In her book, “The Cure for Burnout,” Ballesteros provides clear and actionable tools to guide readers towards greater balance, energy, and fulfillment, ultimately reclaiming control over their lives.

The Murder After the Night Before by Katy Brent

5. The Murder After the Night Before by Katy Brent

In the wake of a harrowing night, I am confronted with the devastating loss of my closest confidant, Posey, dismissed by authorities as a tragic accident but hauntingly apparent as murder to me. Battling a vicious hangover and the bewildering presence of a stranger in my bed, my disgrace is compounded by the virality of my misfortune online. Amidst the sea of humiliation, one imperative drives me forward: I must unearth the killer responsible for Posey’s demise. Yet, the events of the fateful evening elude my memory, leaving me grasping at straws in pursuit of justice. From the author renowned for her dark wit in How to Eliminate Men and Evade Justice, this enthralling tale promises to ensnare readers with its razor-sharp narrative, catering to fans of Bella Mackie, Dawn O’Porter, and the intoxicating intrigue of Killing Eve.

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Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay The Art of Freedom by Nico Slate

6. Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay: The Art of Freedom by Nico Slate

In 1947, Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay’s unexpected visit to a solemn government building in New Delhi catalyzed a crucial response to one of the most pressing challenges of India’s nascent independence: the influx of refugees from Pakistan. Despite lacking official authority, she orchestrated the acquisition of land just beyond the capital, envisioning a model town to accommodate 30,000 displaced individuals, a town that stands today as Faridabad. This episode merely skims the surface of the myriad, often forgotten, contributions of a resilient woman committed to empowering others throughout her life. From her roots as a Saraswat Brahmin in Mangalore, Kamaladevi embodied a multitude of roles – from performing artist to Gandhian, from social reformer to educationist, from institution builder to arts patron, from author to visionary. She transcended societal barriers, carving out her own space as an Indian woman in a male-dominated society, while tirelessly advocating for a liberated India, not just from colonial rule, but from the shackles of poverty, caste oppression, and gender disparities. Nico Slate’s comprehensive biography delves into Kamaladevi’s remarkable life, celebrating her as one of the most influential figures of twentieth-century India, and fittingly represents the third installment in the Indian Lives series, curated by Ramachandra Guha.

Bride by Ali Hazelwood

7. Bride by Ali Hazelwood

In a realm where Vampyres and Weres exist in a fragile equilibrium, an unexpected bond blossoms between Misery Lark, daughter of a powerful Vampyre councilman, and Lowe Moreland, the uncompromising Alpha of the Weres. As they navigate the complexities of their entwined destinies, their connection deepens into a passion as irresistible as it is perilous. With stakes higher than ever, Misery and Lowe must confront not only the treacherous politics of their world but also the secrets that bind them together in ways neither could have foreseen.

All the Sinners Bleed by S. A. Cosby

8. All the Sinners Bleed by S. A. Cosby

Titus Crown stands as a groundbreaking figure in Charon County, Virginia, the first Black sheriff in its history, yet his tenure is marred by the eruption of chaos when a schoolteacher is murdered by a former student, leading to a deadly confrontation with Titus’s deputies. In the tranquil backdrop of moonshine and cornbread, secrets unravel, revealing a serial killer entrenched in the community’s fabric. As Titus navigates the investigation, he grapples with concealing his painful past while confronting the town’s harrowing history and the looming presence of a far-right group advocating for a Confederate celebration. Charon, his beloved home, becomes a battleground where faith clashes with violence, heralding a reckoning of monumental proportions.

The Thief’s Funeral by Sucharita Sengupta, Chandra Chari, and Uma Iyengar

9. The Thief’s Funeral by Sucharita Sengupta, Chandra Chari, and Uma Iyengar

Amidst the tumult of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the Book Review Literary Trust inaugurated a short story competition, attracting submissions from over fifty writers across India. From this pool emerged the best nineteen stories, including the triumphant entry. Under the editorial stewardship of Sucharita Sengupta, Chandra Chari, and Uma Iyengar, “The Thief’s Funeral: The Book Review Anthology of Short Fiction” emerges as a vibrant mosaic, showcasing fresh voices adeptly exploring the diverse nuances and intricacies of the nation and its people.

The Fury By Alex Michaelides

10. The Fury by Alex Michaelides

In the heart of a masterfully paced thriller lies a tale that blurs the lines between murder and love, spun by the enigmatic Lana Farrar, a reclusive ex-movie star, and her circle of famous friends. Each year, they seek refuge from the English weather on Lana’s secluded Greek island. But this isn’t just another tabloid fodder; it’s a narrative woven with old friendships veiling simmering hatred and vengeful desires. Trapped by the elements and our secrets, we engaged in a deadly game of cat and mouse, orchestrated by the unseen hand of fate. Amidst the twists and turns, the night culminated in a crescendo of violence, leaving one among us lifeless. As the dust settles, Elliot Chase emerges, ready to unravel a story unlike any other.

Which of the above 10 books do you plan to read in March 2024?