10 Books to Read in September 2023

Welcome to September 2023, a month where the air begins to hint at the approaching autumn, and the perfect time to delve into some captivating books. As we transition from the lazy days of summer to the cozy embrace of fall, our literary journey takes us through tales of love, intrigue, family bonds, and gripping mysteries. From Viktoria Lloyd-Barlow’s exploration of the disruption of a meticulously ordered life in “All the Little Bird-Hearts” to the dark passions explored by Gerard de Souza in “Crimes of Passion,” this list of ten books will transport you to diverse worlds, offering something for every reader’s taste and mood. So, find a comfortable spot, pour your favorite beverage, and let these literary gems be your companions on the journey through September 2023.

The House of Doors by Tan Twan Eng

1. All the Little Bird-Hearts by Viktoria Llyod-Barlow

Sunday Forrester and her teenage daughter, Dolly, inhabit her childhood home, their lives meticulously ordered. Sunday’s quirks include eating only white foods on quiet days, relying on an etiquette handbook for social dilemmas, and seeking solace in Sicilian folklore. However, the arrival of their charming neighbors, Vita and Rollo, disrupts Sunday’s structured world, drawing her into a web of affection and transgression. Hidden beneath Vita and Rollo’s charm is a darker desire – Vita covets what Sunday possesses, a daughter of her own.

Crimes of Passion by Gerard de Souza

2. Crimes of Passion by Gerard de Souza

What motivated Emile Jerome to undertake a late-night flight from Cochin to Mumbai, sacrificing his budding Indian Navy career with each knife thrust into the unfortunate TV executive Neeraj Grover? Did Goan bartender Samson D’Souza truly commit the murder of British teenager Scarlett Keeling on Anjuna beach? Why did Santosh Singh brutally kill Priyadarshini Mattoo, whom he professed to love passionately? Was Pitchai Rajagopal behind the death of Prince Santhakumar, all to win over his young wife? What truly led to the killing of investigative journalist Shivani Bhatnagar? In “Crimes of Passion: When Desire Turns Deadly,” journalist Gerard de Souza explores 11 stories of love, tragedy, and violence, meticulously analyzing court documents and news reports. These narratives reveal the individuals and their backgrounds, the intricate forces shaping their destinies, and the often flawed legal system. Dive into India’s darkest crimes of passion.

Divorce Is Normal by Shasvathi Siva

3. Divorce Is Normal by Shasvathi Siva

Proudly highlighting a divorce rate of roughly 1 percent, little critical thought is often given to its true implications in our country. Shasvathi Siva’s personal experience of navigating the challenging process of divorce within our society and legal system prompted her to work towards making it more accessible for others. “Divorce Is Normal” is her empathetic and insightful endeavor to share her learnings. This book serves as a valuable guide for those considering separation and divorce, as well as a necessary reminder that divorce is a natural part of life. Through her personal story, Siva provides fresh insights into unhappy marriages and divorce in the Indian context, aiming to broaden perspectives and help people overcome societal stigma. Filled with practical advice, heartwarming stories, and profound compassion, this book acts as both a comforting companion and a supportive friend.

Mother-Daughter Murder Night by Nina Simon

4. Mother-Daughter Murder Night by Nina Simon

A murder in their quiet coastal town unexpectedly reunites estranged family matriarch Lana Rubicon, a successful LA real estate magnate, with her adult daughter Beth and teenage granddaughter Jack. While Lana grapples with cancer and boredom far from her empire, Jack’s discovery of a dead body while kayaking thrusts her into a murder investigation where she becomes the prime suspect. Despite Beth’s concerns about Lana’s health, Lana dons a disguise to uncover the true murderer, unearthing a web of lies, family feuds, and land disputes in their seemingly idyllic community of conservationists and wealthy ranchers. As their amateur investigation takes dangerous turns, the Rubicon women, long resistant to depending on each other, must forge an unexpected bond to navigate the treacherous path ahead.

Nineteen Steps by Millie Bobby Brown

5. Nineteen Steps by Millie Bobby Brown

In the midst of war-torn 1942 London, the debut novel by global sensation Millie Bobby Brown unfolds. Love blossoms amidst the darkness as spirited 18-year-old Nellie Morris navigates life in the tightly-knit East End community of Bethnal Green. Friends and family predict her union with Billy, the air raid warden next door who’s long held a fondness for her. However, the arrival of Ray, a charming American airman, challenges Nellie’s expectations. Tragedy strikes during an air raid, exposing the harsh realities of war, and as the secrets of that fateful night emerge, they threaten to shatter Nellie’s world and her closest relationships. Drawing inspiration from her family’s true history, Millie Bobby Brown’s poignant debut novel explores longing, loss, hidden truths, and the extraordinary lengths we’ll go to for love in a turbulent world.

Soma by A.K. Ramanujan and Edited by Guillermo Rodriguez and Krishna Ramanujan

6. Soma by A.K. Ramanujan and Edited by Guillermo Rodriguez and Krishna Ramanujan

A.K. Ramanujan’s unique infusion of Indian literature and traditions into his poetry, particularly his exploration of the mystical plant Soma, is the centerpiece of this collection. Unearthed from Ramanujan’s archives are a series of unpublished ‘Soma poems,’ distinct in style and theme from his earlier work, accompanied by illuminating essays and an interview. A foreword by poet and critic A.K. Mehrotra sets the stage. The essays delve into the quest for Soma’s identity, Ramanujan’s layered perspective on it, and the historical influences on his perception of Soma, including a reprinted work by Wendy Doniger. An interview with Ramanujan provides insights into his views on poetry and translation. This volume not only highlights Ramanujan’s experimental poems but also offers a glimpse into a captivating period in Western Indology, where Indian philosophies and traditions shaped contemporary culture, a legacy still relevant today.

Telgi: A Reporter's Diary by Sanjay Singh

7. Telgi: A Reporter’s Diary by Sanjay Singh

In the late 1990s, Abdul Karim Telgi’s lavish spending of over Rs 80 lakh, equivalent to twenty kilograms of gold at the time, on a dancer in a Mumbai dance bar, caught the attention of police, politicians, and the underworld. This mysterious figure’s rapid rise from selling peanuts at a railway station to immense wealth raised questions. By 2001, when Telgi was arrested, his counterfeit stamp paper scam was India’s largest, estimated at Rs 30,000 crore. Investigative reporter Sanjay Singh later uncovered the intricacies of the operation, revealing the exceptional quality of the forged stamps and Telgi’s clever involvement of government officials and management executives. “Telgi: A Reporter’s Diary” is a gripping account of how Telgi built a vast counterfeit empire worth thousands of crores and orchestrated an unimaginable scam.

The Fall: The End of the Murdoch Empire by Michael Wolff

8. The Fall: The End of the Murdoch Empire by Michael Wolff

Renowned author Michael Wolff, known for his books on Donald Trump, is set to reveal the closing chapter of Fox News in his upcoming work, “The Fall: The End of the Murdoch Empire.” Wolff, who has chronicled Rupert Murdoch’s influence, anticipates the natural conclusion of this era of power. His previous work, “The Man Who Owns the News: Inside the Secret World of Rupert Murdoch,” delved into similar subjects. Wolff’s forthcoming book draws on interviews with key figures within the Murdoch organization, shedding light on the Murdoch family’s inner workings, according to a spokesperson for publisher Henry Holt.

The Greatest Punjabi Stories Ever Told by Renuka Singh and Balbir Madhopuri

9. The Greatest Punjabi Stories Ever Told by Renuka Singh and Balbir Madhopuri

“The anthology, ‘The Greatest Punjabi Stories Ever Told,’ presents a century of exceptional Punjabi short fiction from four generations of authors, including Gurbaksh Singh, Balwant Gargi, Amrita Pritam, and contemporary writers like Ajmer Sidhu and Sarghi. The stories explore diverse themes, from family dynamics and urban-rural life to the Partition’s aftermath and the human psyche during crises. They also touch on patriotism, martyrdom, and state repression, offering a unique portrait of Punjab and its people, encapsulating the essence of Punjabiyat, and reflecting what it means to be Punjabi.”

Traitor’s Gate by Jeffrey Archer

10. Traitor’s Gate by Jeffrey Archer

Nestled in the heart of London, the Tower of London stands as an impenetrable fortress, its aura of impregnability mirrored by its unparalleled security, safeguarding the world’s most invaluable jewels. Annually, during the Queen’s attendance at the State Opening of Parliament, the Metropolitan Police embark on their most covert mission: transporting the Crown Jewels through the sprawling metropolis. Scotland Yard, with decades of expertise, meticulously oversees this operation, a well-oiled machine of precision and order. However, this year marks an unprecedented turning point, as a master criminal sets his sights on executing the most audacious heist in history, aided by an insider, dramatically shifting the odds in his favor.

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