10 Murder Mystery Novels to Check Out in June 2023

Welcome to the enchanting world of June, where the days are drenched in golden sunshine and a delightful array of captivating mystery and thriller books awaits. Prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey that will leave you breathless, as you unravel the enigmatic tales woven by talented authors, both celebrated and promising.

In this treasure trove of suspense, every page turn holds the promise of pulse-pounding excitement and mind-bending mysteries. Get ready to be entangled in intricate webs of deception, racing against time to unravel puzzling enigmas, while constantly outwitting relentless adversaries. As June unfurls its vibrant hues, it beckons you to surrender yourself to the electrifying narratives that are destined to entertain and captivate.

Embrace the thrill of discovering hidden secrets, as spine-chilling suspense courses through your veins, and lose yourself in the enthralling art of storytelling. This is your personal invitation to immerse yourself in the most anticipated new releases that grace the shelves this June. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure that is uniquely yours, where each chapter holds the key to unlocking a world of unparalleled intrigue and excitement.

The Missing Heiress By Robert Goldsborough

1. The Missing Heiress by Robert Goldsborough

Lily Rowan, a dear companion of Archie Goodwin, is deeply concerned about the sudden disappearance of her closest friend, Maureen, a prominent socialite who has been unreachable for a duration of two weeks. Despite thorough searches of Maureen’s luxurious penthouse and attempts to contact her acquaintances, their efforts yield little information. Archie, determined to assist in locating Maureen, exhausts all possible avenues to find her.

When Maureen’s half-brother, who was previously estranged, also vanishes, Nero Wolfe, Archie’s employer, intervenes to aid in resolving the perplexing situation. As the investigation unfolds, what initially begins as a search for a missing person rapidly evolves into a perplexing murder case.

All the Sinners Bleed By S.A. Cosby

2. All the Sinners Bleed by S. A. Cosby

Titus Crown, the inaugural Black sheriff in Charon County, Virginia, uncovers the disturbing truth beneath the seemingly peaceful facade of his hometown.

After a former student commits a murder and Titus’s deputies are involved in subsequent shootings, he embarks on an investigation that exposes a concealed serial killer who haunts the rural lanes and forests of Charon. Alongside grappling with his own personal secret, Titus confronts the killer’s potential connection to a local church, all while facing the challenges posed by a far-right group advocating for a Confederate history parade. The collision of faith and violence sets the stage for a profound and unforgettable reckoning in this compelling and impactful novel.

Misfortune Cookie by Vivian Chien

3. Misfortune Cookie by Vivian Chien

Lana Lee, now the official manager of the Ho-Lee Noodle House, embarks on a trip to Irvine, California, along with her sister, Anna May, to attend a restaurant convention. Their Aunt Grace, who has embraced American culture, generously provides them with a luxurious rental, creating an ideal setting.

However, the situation takes a dark turn when Lana becomes a witness to a heated argument between a fortune cookie vendor and a journalist. Things escalate further when Aunt Grace’s journalist friend mysteriously falls to their death from a hotel rooftop. Certain that foul play is involved, Aunt Grace appeals to Lana for assistance in uncovering the truth. In their quest for answers, Lana and her family must navigate suspicion from their colleagues and convention attendees, unsure if they will succeed in exposing the killer before becoming the next targets of a sinister plot.


4. The Storyteller’s Death By Ann Dávila Cardinal

In this captivating tale of family, an 18-year-old adolescent in Puerto Rico embarks on a remarkable journey of self-discovery when she stumbles upon an enigmatic and extraordinary power following her grandmother’s demise. As Isla’s grandmother departs, she inexplicably begins to experience vivid visions, transporting her to the captivating narratives that have been passed down through generations in her family. However, amidst these visions, one particular tale unveils an unresolved murder mystery, leading Isla to a startling realization that the enthralling stories she once cherished may harbor perilous consequences.

The Last Party By Clare Mackintosh

5. The Last Party By Clare Mackintosh

Rhys Lloyd, a developer specializing in luxurious lake vacation homes for affluent non-locals, is discovered deceased in a quaint village situated on the border between Wales and England on New Year’s Day. DC Leo Brady from Cheshire Major Crimes assumes responsibility for the investigation and teams up with Ffion Morgan from the North Wales Police. This gripping narrative unfolds from various viewpoints and seamlessly transitions between the past and present, gradually unveiling the facts surrounding Rhys’ untimely demise.

The Resemblance By Lauren Nossett

6. The Resemblance By Lauren Nossett

Set within the realm of academia, this enigmatic tale revolves around a fraternity member who is struck by a vehicle on the premises of the University of Georgia. The intriguing aspect lies in the accounts of the witnesses, who claim that the driver bore an uncanny resemblance to the victim and wore a smile. Marlitt Kaplan, the detective assigned to the case, is not only the offspring of a professor but also possesses an intimate knowledge of the university’s disgraceful hidden truths. However, as she delves into the investigation of the hit-and-run incident, she must delve even deeper into the inner workings of the university’s Greek system, unearthing concealed secrets that have managed to escape the confines of the campus.

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What Remains By Wendy Walker

7. What Remains By Wendy Walker

Cold case detective Elise Sutton upholds a meticulous sense of order in both her personal and professional spheres. However, everything transforms when, in a department store, Elise confronts a life-altering choice: to save one life, she must sacrifice another. Despite being hailed as a hero, Elise grapples with overwhelming guilt until she encounters Wade Austin, the individual whose life she rescued. Yet, as Elise delves deeper, she discovers that Wade’s true identity differs significantly from what meets the eye.

The Maid by Nita Prose

8. The Maid by Nita Prose

Molly Gray is unlike everyone else. She struggles socially and misinterprets others’ intentions. After her grandmother’s death, she navigates life alone, finding solace as a dedicated hotel maid. When she stumbles upon a chaotic suite and a deceased Charles Black, Molly’s odd behavior makes her the prime suspect. With newfound allies, she embarks on a Clue-like journey to uncover the truth before it’s too late. “The Maid” explores the paradox of being different yet connected, proving that human connection solves all mysteries.

Moms in the Wild by Nidhi Raichand

9. Moms in the Wild by Nidhi Raichand

Sneha Talwar, a young and idealistic journalist, embarks on an assignment to write a profile of Natasha Babani, an environmental activist and talented influencer known for her motherhood-related content. Natasha has dedicated herself to cleaning up a polluted lake over the past year. However, Sneha’s plans take an unexpected turn when Natasha’s lifeless body is discovered floating in the very lake she worked so hard to cleanse. As Sneha quickly adapts and delves into investigating Natasha’s life, she uncovers an intricate “mommy universe” governed by its own set of rules, rivalries, and secrets. “Moms in the Wild” is a captivating and darkly humorous tale that explores the fiercely competitive realm of social media and journalism. It touches upon themes of initial career experiences, shattered idols, the complexities of friendship, and the tumultuous journey of motherhood.

Six Suspects by Vikas Swarup

10. Six Suspects by Vikas Swarup

Seven years ago, Vivek ‘Vicky’ Rai, the son of Uttar Pradesh’s Home Minister, killed Ruby Gill at a Delhi restaurant when she refused to serve him a drink. Now, Vicky Rai is dead, murdered at his farmhouse during a party celebrating his acquittal. Six guests are found with guns. Arun Advani, a renowned journalist, investigates the lives of these suspects—a corrupt bureaucrat, an American tourist, a tribal man, a Bollywood star, a phone thief, and an ambitious politician. Inspired by true events, Vikas Swarup’s novel offers a thrilling glimpse into contemporary India.

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