9 Thriller Books to Keep Your Adrenaline Rushing in July 2023

Whether you’re lounging outside or seeking solace indoors, reading a mystery or thriller is the perfect escape from the summer heat. The beauty of crime fiction lies in its ability to immerse you fully in its world, allowing you to solve captivating mysteries along the way. This month, a plethora of new crime releases await avid readers, catering to every taste.

From historical mysteries in Bombay and Harlem to domestic thrillers and tales of hidden secrets, there’s something for everyone. Discover YA royalty mysteries, translated Japanese detective novels, and action-filled thrillers that will keep you on the edge of your seat. And if you’re not into new releases, there are plenty of great backlists from these talented authors. Embark on a captivating journey and let your next great escape begin!

The Devil’s Flute Murders (Detective Kosuke Kindaichi #8) by Seishi Yokomizo, Jim Rion (Translator)

1. The Devil’s Flute Murders (Detective Kosuke Kindaichi #8) by Seishi Yokomizo, Jim Rion (Translator)

In the aftermath of post-war Tokyo, amidst the ruins, lies the grand Tsubaki house where a once-noble family mourns the death of the brooding and troubled composer, Viscount Tsubaki. As they gather to summon his spirit, another tragedy strikes, prompting the arrival of the brilliant investigator Kosuke Kindaichi. In his quest to unravel the truth, Kindaichi delves into the unsettling secrets of the Tsubaki family while the horrifying murders persist, weaving an ingenious and atmospheric classic whodunit from the master of crime in Japan.

An Honest Man by Michael Koryta

2. An Honest Man by Michael Koryta

In this gripping and concise thriller, the New York Times bestselling author weaves a tale where the murder of politicians at sea has far-reaching consequences for a local lobsterman and a young boy. Israel Pike, an honest yet notorious killer, becomes the prime suspect when seven men, including political rivals, are found dead on a yacht. With a troubled past, few options, and a life-threatening secret, Israel’s fate intertwines with that of 12-year-old Lyman Rankin, who seeks refuge from his abusive father only to encounter a mysterious woman armed with a hatchet. As the investigation unfolds, their paths converge in ways that cannot be undone. With mounting suspense and deep character understanding, the author’s mastery of storytelling earns high praise from Stephen King and Michael Connelly.

Cutting Teeth by Chandler Baker

3. Cutting Teeth by Chandler Baker

In Chandler Baker’s mesmerizing novel, Cutting Teeth, the boundaries of parental love are tested as Darby, Mary Beth, and Rhea strive to reclaim their identities eclipsed by motherhood. As their plans for career, sexuality, and self are disrupted by a disturbing medical condition afflicting the children at Little Academy preschool, a tragic event unfolds. The innocent yet suspicious four-year-olds become the only witnesses, implicating both the children and their mothers. As the police investigation intensifies, the children’s ability to drain their parents emotionally and physically takes a sinister turn. Part gripping murder mystery, part poignant exploration of motherhood, Cutting Teeth uncovers the societal pressures imposed on mothers and the unspoken realities of parenthood’s transformative journey.

The Block Party by Jamie Day

4. The Block Party by Jamie Day

This summer, step into the secretive world of the exclusive cul-de-sac on Alton Road, where neighbors are entangled in a web of unknown secrets and scandals. As the annual Summer block party unfolds, a shocking murder takes place, leading readers on a journey back one year to uncover rivalries and betrayals. Amidst the unfolding drama, the true danger emerges from within their own block, where appearances deceive and nothing is as it seems. Brace yourself for a thrilling exploration of hidden truths and unexpected twists in this captivating tale of mystery and intrigue.

Everyone Here Is Lying by Shari Lapena

5. Everyone Here Is Lying by Shari Lapena

Beneath the facade of a devoted family man, William Wooler harbors a secret affair that met a tragic end at a nearby motel. Devastated and enraged, he returns home to find his nine-year-old daughter, Avery, unexpectedly present. In a moment of lost control, he succumbs to anger. Hours later, Avery is declared missing, sending shockwaves through the seemingly safe neighborhood of Stanhope, where hidden lies abound among its residents. As witnesses come forward with uncertain information, the community descends into madness. The question looms: Who took Avery Wooler? Brace yourself, for the truth, will shatter all expectations.

A Twisted Love Story by Samantha Downing

6. A Twisted Love Story by Samantha Downing

Embark on a riveting journey through the treacherous world of modern romance with an intoxicating and provocative thriller from the bestselling author of My Lovely Wife. Meet Wes and Ivy, consumed by an all-consuming love that defies description, alternating between euphoria and destruction. Now, their volatile pattern of breakup and reunion faces a new challenge—an unyielding detective who becomes their common enemy. Yet, there is one unspeakable secret they share, a night of ultimate turmoil that led to tragedy. Together, they must navigate the tightening grip of a police investigation, for one more split could be their ultimate undoing.

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The Mistress Of Bhatia House (Perveen Mistry #4) by Sujata Massey

7. The Mistress of Bhatia House (Perveen Mistry #4) by Sujata Massey

In Bombay, the 1920s come alive as Perveen Mistry, the city’s only female solicitor, grapples with societal divisions, gender bias, and intricate family dynamics. When a young servant named Sunanda is unjustly accused and dismissed for a heroic act, Perveen takes her on as a client, even inviting her to live with her family. Amidst tensions at home and her own personal struggles, Perveen uncovers a web of power and intrigue, risking everything to prove Sunanda’s innocence. Sujata Massey’s masterfully crafted narrative delves into the depths of 1920s Bombay, intertwining thrilling suspense with themes of justice and societal transformation.

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Prom Mom by Laura Lippman

8. Prom Mom by Laura Lippman

Amber Glass battles her scandalous past as “Prom Mom” in Baltimore, desperately avoiding her former date Joe. However, fate reunites them, blurring boundaries and drawing them together amidst the surreal backdrop of 2020 and 2021. They cross forbidden lines, teetering on a decision that defies reason. Joe asks Amber to embark on a journey that challenges their existence.

Crook Manifesto (Ray Carney #2) by Colson Whitehead

9. Crook Manifesto (Ray Carney #2) by Colson Whitehead

Step into the seedy glory of 1970s New York as Colson Whitehead continues his Harlem saga in a captivating novel. From the trash-filled streets and skyrocketing crime rates to a shooting war between the NYPD and the Black Liberation Army, the city teeters on the edge. Amidst this chaos, Ray Carney, a furniture store owner, tries to keep his business afloat while staying out of trouble. However, when he seeks Jackson 5 tickets for his daughter and reaches out to his old police contact, Munson, he unwittingly plunges into a web of complications and danger. Fast forward to 1973, when Pepper, Carney’s partner in crime, takes on a side gig in Harlem’s Blaxploitation scene, encountering a bizarre world of Hollywood stars, comedians, and drug dealers. In 1976, as Harlem burns and the country prepares for Bicentennial celebrations, Carney grapples with a July 4th ad and enlists Pepper to uncover the culprits behind a devastating fire. Together, they navigate a crumbling city controlled by corruption and violence. Immerse yourself in this gripping tale of survival, where Colson Whitehead paints a vivid picture of 1970s New York, a world defined by turmoil and moral ambiguity.

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