In The Shadow Of The Mountain by Silvia Vasquez-Lavado

We have read the book My Dark Vanessa by Kate Elizabeth Russell based on abuse, crime against women, and social issues involving women, In the book In the Shadow of the Mountain, author Silvia shares her life’s story of abuse, addiction, and trauma.

You don’t conquer a mountain, you surrender to it one step at a time.

About the Book:

Peruvian climber Silvia Vasquez-Lavado spent a lifetime running away from trauma. As a child she suffered sexual abuse and, as an adult, she struggled with both her sexuality and addiction.

In spite of her private battles, Silvia climbed many of the world’s greatest peaks. But she had yet to take on Everest.

In the Shadow of the Mountain
In the Shadow of the Mountain

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In the Shadow of the Mountain tells Silvia’s story of abuse, addiction, and trauma, and then how, in 2016, she gathered a party of six sexually abused girls, and together they began the two-week expedition to Everest Base Camp. It would become an ascent that would not only form unbreakable friendships but one that would also help them confront their individual traumas.

Beautifully written and deeply moving, In the Shadow of the Mountain is a memoir of strength, compassion, and honesty. With each step, Silvia understands that the secret to healing herself and to others is about accepting, not beating, her feelings. Not conquering, but surrendering to the mountain, just like trauma.

About the Author:

Silvia Vasquez-Lavado is a humanitarian, mountaineer, explorer, social entrepreneur, and technologist living in San Francisco, California. In 2014, she launched Courageous Girls, a non-profit that helps survivors of sexual abuse and trafficking.

Now a private consultant, Vasquez-Lavado was recognized by Fortune Magazine as one of the Corporate Heroes of 2015, while CNET named her one of the top 20 most influential Latinos in Silicon Valley. She has also been recognized by the Peruvian government as one of the “Marca Peru” ambassadors (country brand ambassadors) and is a member of the elite Explorers Club- an international professional society with the goal of promoting scientific exploration.

Vasquez-Lavado is one of the few women in the world who have completed the “Eight Summits” as of 2019, climbing the Seven Summits across both the Bass and Messner lists. 

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