Latest Reads You Can’t Miss This Summer

With so many books coming out every day, it becomes a tough task to pick the best read. Being literature lovers, our focus is to make this selection easier for you. We list down six of the latest books you can’t miss to read!


  1. The Intelligence Trap by David Robson

With the twenty-first century and technological advancements, the smart people also tend to do stupid things. The Intelligence Trap is a compelling read which gives insights as to how to make wiser decisions in a world of chaos! No matter what your age or profession is, this book is a must read!


2. The Secret Life Of Organizations by Shalini Lal and Pradnya Parasher

If you are a young professional and stepping into the corporate world, this book is surely a must read for you! An eye-opener for young Indian Professionals.


3. Shine Bright by Rashmi Bansal

Shine Bright shares inspiring journeys of the Entrepreneurs who truly made an impact. Everybody wants to be an entrepreneur, but that is not just needed to make an impact. Read the book to know more!


4. Truth About Us by Sanjoy Chakravorty

The information about India is highly manipulated. From Politicians to activists to profiteers and extortionists – all competing for attention and legitimacy in a growing information market… Whom does one believe?’ Read the book to know more.


5. Miracle Men by Nikhil Naz

Are you a Cricket lover? Miracle Men brings back the wonderful memories of the game and some glorious events in the history of the Cricket. Order your copy now!


6. Blue Is Like Blue by V.K. Shukla, A.K. Mehrotra, Sara Rai

Blue is like Blue is the Shukla’s only collection of short fiction, available in English translation for the first time. If you are a lover of short stories, you are going to love this one.


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