Latest Release: Milind Soman’s Memoir, Made in India with Roopa Pai

There’s more to Milind Soman than meets the eye (although, as his legions of female fans will agree, what meets the eye is pretty delish).

Combining in himself the passion of an entrepreneur, the mind of a nerd, the discipline of an athlete, the curiosity of an explorer, the heart of a patriot and the soul of a philosopher, Milind has made the stunning-and apparently seamless- transition from champion swimmer to supermodel to actor to extreme sportsperson to women’s fitness activist, enabler and proselytizer, all in one lifetime.

A rare glimpse into the mind and heart of a very unusual man that will leave you thoughtful awed and inspired

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How does he do it? What makes him tick?

In Made in India, Milind talks about his fascinating life-controversies, relationships, the breaking of vicious habits like smoking, alcohol, rage, and more-in a freewheeling, bare-all (easy, ladies-we’re talking soul-wise!) memoir.

Co-authored with bestselling author Roopa Pai, MADE IN INDIA is a rare glimpse into the mind and heart of a very unusual man that will leave you thinking, awed and inspired.

About the authors

In his rather full life, supermodel MILIND SOMAN has worn many seemingly disparate hats, but the one common thread through them all has been his commitment to physical fitness. In the last several years, he has become an avid advocate of, and a role model for, a more holistic kind of fitness, one that incorporates mind, body, and spirit. Through personal achievements like completing the Ironman and Ultraman challenges after turning fifty, and as the force behind breakthrough ideas like the Pinkathon movement and the Barefoot Marathon, Milind encourages women-and others-to take charge of their health, get back in touch with nature and believe in themselves.

With over twenty-five books under her belt, including the award-winning The Gita for Children, ROOPA PAI is one of India’s best-known writers for children. Many of her books, on a range of subjects, including sci-fi fantasy, popular science, math, history, economics, life skills, philosophy and, most recently, medicine, are bestsellers and are enjoyed just as much by adults. This computer engineer plays no sport, but holds sportspersons of every stripe in the highest esteem, and enjoys telling their stories.

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The Press Release appeared in Storizen Magazine February 2020 Issue