The Scindia Legacy: From Ranoji to Jyotiraditya

The Scindia Legacy: From Ranoji to Jyotiraditya

Scindias, from Ranoji Scindia who was the founder of the Scindia Dynasty that produced outstanding Maratha military commanders during the 18th century to the present Jyotiraditya Scindia who serves as the Minister of Civil Aviation, have been popular for the extensive social services through politics.

An award-winning journalist and a veteran from Madhya Pradesh, Abhilash Khandekar, pens a book on the Scindia Legacy published by Rupa Publications.

About the Book:

From royalty to politics, a hard-hitting look at the history of one of the greatest dynasties of India, mired in wars, public disputes, and property contentions. The Scindia dynasty, a 300-year-old royal house, is perhaps the only family in India which is known not just for its unlimited riches and never-ending popularity but also for its immense social service, mainly through politics.

There are innumerable stories—some told repeatedly and others seldom told—from the time Ranoji Scindia founded the dynasty in 1731 to Rajmata Vijaya Raje Scindia’s unwilling entry into politics in 1957 to Jyotiraditya Scindia’s entry in the Rajya Sabha in 2020.

The Scindia Legacy: From Ranoji to Jyotiraditya
The Scindia Legacy: From Ranoji to Jyotiraditya

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The Scindia Legacy deftly outlines how, of the three generations in politics over the centuries, it was only Madhavrao—Rajmata’s son and Jyotiraditya’s father—who had never lost an election. He was the darling of people from his erstwhile royal house of Gwalior, until his untimely demise in an air crash. Rajmata and her grandson Jyotiraditya were members of both houses of Indian Parliament at different times.

The two share several similarities: both were in the Congress first and then left it dramatically, to say the least. Both, angered by prevailing political situations within their party, brought down their own governments—some 40 years apart! This book unveils many stories, about how the Scindias have conducted themselves in public with a degree of elan, despite the bitter legal and political fights which were the bane of the Scindias. The Scindia Legacy showcases the courage and charisma of one of the eminent political families of India.

About the Author:

Hailing from Madhya Pradesh, Abhilash Khandekar is a veteran, award-winning journalist of the standing of close to 40 years in English, Hindi, and Marathi languages. Having worked in his home state as well as in Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Delhi in publications such as Free Press Journal, Hindustan Times, DNA, Dainik Bhaskar, and Divya Marathi, he knows the nitty-gritty of Indian politics rather well. He worked for several years as the national political editor of the Dainik Bhaskar Group in New Delhi before moving to TV.

Khandekar is presently the Roving Editor of the Lokmat Group of Newspapers. Khandekar was unanimously elected the president of the Madhya Pradesh Cricket Association (MPCA) in 2019 and is the moving force behind the Bhopal Literature and Art Festival as one of its founding members. Khandekar also dabbles in the field of environment, writing extensively on critical issues such as tiger conservation and biodiversity.

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