This Lavishly Illustrated Cookbook Showcases the Magnificent Food from the Palaces of Nepal

The Rana name has been inseparable from the set of experiences and culture of Nepal for quite a long time. The wonderful castles of Nepal were known for their excitement and design as well as for their royal feasts. The recipes of the food served were only with the cooks of the royal residences and a fortunate rare sorts of people who acquired them from before ages. In this impeccable book, for the first time ever, the ways to the royal residence kitchens are opened and we get a brief look into the scrumptious cooking of the royals.

The Rana Cookbook: Recipes from the Palaces of Nepal by Rohini Rana

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Nepali food is well known for its new and light flavors in the staple rice, daals, meat, and vegetables. The food of the Ranas, nonetheless, is tremendously impacted by Indian flavors. While Indian food is eminent for its rich, thick sauces, Nepali cooking will in general incline toward lighter jhols and dry bhutans and kawafs. Despite the fact that crude materials, for example, meat and vegetables can undoubtedly be found in the Indian kitchen, the style of arrangement and flavors, for example, jimbu and timur are novel in their Nepali flavor.

‘Rohini Rana has done the world of gastronomy a great service by reminding us of the power of Rana food; a micro cuisine that rarely gets the attention it deserves. A marvelous book’.


With assistance and contributions from various relatives, Rohini Rana has gathered and recorded the plans valuable to every Rana executive’s family. Displaying wonderful food from the royal residences, this rich and perfectly delineated cookbook endeavors to protect these plans for people in the future and any kind of family down the line.

About the Author


Rohini Rana, better known as Dolly, was born in India and got married in Nepal in 1977 to General Gaurav S.J.B. Rana (former chief of army staff, Nepalese Army). During her meandering life as an army wife, she has played the part of a homemaker, social worker, entrepreneur, and restaurateur. Cooking is her life’s passion. Years of joyous cooking experiences and extensive research of old Rana recipes have resulted in this book.

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