Unburden: A Book of Joyous Awakenings

What if, to lead our most fulfilling life, there was nothing to acquire, nothing to accomplish, nothing to master, and no awakenings? What if we are already home, already whole, already complete? What if, all that is needed, is to gently set down the burden?

About the Book:

Unburden: A Book of Joyous Awakenings is an invitation to examine ideas, identities, and concepts that bind and limit us. We begin to access the power and potency that comes from trusting the silence underlying all thoughts and experiences.

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In Nithya Shanti’s inimitable voice, discover profound teachings, simply told. Nithya shares anecdotes, exercises for self-discovery, and pointers for awakening, through a distillation of timeless wisdom and contemporary discoveries, along with his own innovations from decades of intensive teaching and practice.

Let this book, Unburden: A Book of Joyous Awakenings provoke, challenge, and inspire us to step into a realm of awareness, gratitude, and joy. As an everyday companion and guide, may it take us on what may well be the most significant shift we ever experience – being happy and fulfilled for no reason.

About the Authors:

Nithya Shanti is an internationally acclaimed teacher of joyful and conscious living. He completed an MBA from XLRI Jamshedpur and worked in the corporate world. He then went on to live as a forest meditation monk for six years. His light-hearted, informal manner and practical guidance pave the way for shifts in perspective that many have found to be life-changing.

Nandini Sen Mehra is a poet and writer with an abiding curiosity about the nature of the self and the world she inhabits. A graduate in English Literature from Loreto College, Kolkata, she is also a communications professional. Nandini is the recipient of the Reuel International Poetry Prize, 2020, for Best Upcoming Poet and the author of Whorls Within, her debut book of poetry.

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