A talk with Mahendra Jakhar, Author – The Swastika Killer

Today, we bring you an interview with Mahendra Jakhar - ex journalist and an independent screen-writer and author based in Mumbai. His latest book, The Swastika Killer was released . We had a great...

An interview with Preeti Singh, Author – Flirting with Fate

We interviewed Preeti Singh, author of the book Flirting with Fate. She was humble and kind to share her experience with Storizen Magazine. Does an author have to be criminally minded to write Crime novel? --Not...
Raza Naeem - Pakistani social activist and Writer

A talk with Raza Naeem – Social Activist and Writer

Pakistani Social Activist and Writer, Raza Naeem, in Delhi for the second edition of the Delhi Lit Fest, was kind enough to talk to Storizen. Thank you for talking to us Raza, tell our readers...
Vikrant-Shukla - Author

A Quick Chat with Vikrant Shukla, Author of Call Center- An Inside Story

Tell us something about the genre of the books that you have written. My debut novel was “Call Centre – An Inside Story”, which was a fiction representing the life of four friends working...

A Coffee Table Chat with Harsh Badheka Masroor, Author – Bebas Hai Raat (Poetry)

We bring you today an exclusive interview of a Debut poet ““Harsh Badheka Masroor” for his poetry book “Bebas Hai Raat”.. Let us know more about the Author.. Q1.  Tell us something about yourself? Ahh. Well...

Rendezvous with Avantika Debnath, Author – The Bridal Pyre – Nainam Dahati Pawakah

  Tell us more about how you decided to write on this genre. When I figured out that writing was what I yearned to do, it was always on the top of my mind that my...