Riksundar Banerjee

Horror is Connected with Blood, Brutality, and a Haunted Past – Riksundar Banerjee

We got a chance to have a candid conversation with the author of 'Haunted Places of India,' Riksundar Banerjee.
Laline Paull

As Above, So Below – Laline Paull on Her Latest Book ‘Pod’

Laline Paull, the acclaimed author known for her thought-provoking novels, such as "The Bees" and "The Ice," has once again captured readers' attention with her latest book, "Pod."
Charles Dunst

Democracies Have a Remarkable Track Record of Rejuvenation – Charles Dunst

We got a chance to have a candid conversation with the author of Defeating the Dictators, Charles Dunst
Kiran Manral on her book All Those Who Wander

Exploring the Depths of Imagination with Kiran Manral

In this interview, she discusses her inspiration for the book, her writing process, and the message she hopes readers will take away.
Vikas Prakash Joshis about his Latest Book My Name is Cinnamon

Vikas Prakash Joshi’s about his Latest Book ‘My Name is Cinnamon’

Today, we would like to share what inspired Vikas to write the book and his writing journey.
Anuja Chandramouli

Anuja Chandramouli: Master Storyteller, Keeping the Myths & Magic Alive!

Anuja Chandramouli’s writing journey is one that inspires and encourages aspiring writers to pursue their passion for writing.