The Art & Science of Writing Crime Fiction – Vish Dhamija

The only rule of writing crime fiction is that it should be believable. Not real, but realistic. Of course, there will be times/situations when you will need to deviate from the facts and that’s...
7 Thriller Books That Will Intrigue You

7 Suspense/Thriller Books That Will Intrigue You

If you would like to get curious, get intrigued, these 7 Suspense/Thriller books that will surely intrigue you. Whether it is an unsolved murder or a married couple cheating on each other, suspense books...

To the Moon and back… – Poem by Devika Parekh

    The one person that, I look forward to in hardships, I not only love her, But is the one I worship My role model, My pride My desire to live for, And my sole reason to die How I wish, I could, Be...

The Bitter Path Of Success

The taste of success Is indeed sweet It takes years of efforts To embrace the victorious treat. Who does not want to wear The glorious success crown? To get the shine  From the glitters of glory, In the muck...

The Emergence

Anguish and uncertainty ripped me apart, anger and inadequacy  Writing bold lines in my mind.  The depression that had stricken me was peeling off layers from my being As I shed tear after tear, not knowing why...

Shadow Side Of Greatness

In the softness of the morning dew In the chirping of the birds a few You walk along –nice and tall Giving me a sense of life new When the sun of my life shines brighter Your baleful presence turns tighter Increasing the proximity dangerously And turning...