Short-Story – Giving Method to the Madness

While writing evolves with the writer and changes its’ hues, the words gain more depth as the writer matures. Maturity here doesn’t refer to age. It can be the kind of writing and ideas...
Food A Delectable Form of Expression

Food: A Delectable Form of Expression

Food is an expression, a strong adhesive for binding families, a great excuse for forging bonds, and a symbolic identity of a culture. Food holds an auspicious position in our lives and through the...

Seasons of Love

Madhumathi H shares a lovely poem on the topic of Seasons of Love. A wonderful and amazing depiction of love through poetry!

Useless Fellow

Wayne was a farm boy even though he had left the farm over a decade ago. He was still the innocent who saw only the best in people. Although he was built like a...

Doors Are Open For 2019 – Manil Mayank Mishra

While watching a preview of a master class by acclaimed filmmaker, Meera Nair, I stumbled upon this powerful statement by her – If You Don’t Tell Your Own Story, No One Else Will. So,...

A New Year Love Story – Sumana Bhattacharya

Tiya wades through traffic impatiently on New Year’s Eve. She’s headed to the club to meet her friends where they will usher new year and then go to a friends’ place and chat through...