man standing besides a cycle

Are we Living?

Have you ever pondered on this question! Are we living life or life is living us? For many people, life is living us.

Seasons of Love

Madhumathi H shares a lovely poem on the topic of Seasons of Love. A wonderful and amazing depiction of love through poetry!
Fish I Love To Gorge In

Fish: I Love To Gorge In

As I get the smell ofA delicious dishI run to the kitchenTo get indulged in the aromaOf the lip-smacking food of fish. The smell of fried or grilled fishMakes me crazyThe thick curry of fishWhich...

Denied – Suparna Rijhwani

The train was almost there, yet Tanya had to close the distance of 50 meters in one minute. She picked up her pace and dashed ahead, something bumped into her legs, she didn’t want...

Why You Should Publish Audiobooks?

Two years ago, we published an article in Storizen, 'Death of a Reader'. As the literature is taking a new turn with the new ways of storytelling, audiobooks have come a long way. The one...
woman wearing mask in covid 19

Musings From The Pandemic – Life In Covid 19

Bringing in the New Year on a cold December night, when the clock struck 12 midnight, with a warm fuzzy feeling of a hopeful 2020 to mark the end of a decade, we were...